General Information Athnes

Αρχείο:Athens seal.jpgAthens (Athens in ancient Greek) is the capital of Greece. It is also the headquarters of the Prefecture of Athens and Attica. Located in Central (Central), Greece and a robust economic, cultural and administrative center of the country. It took its name from the goddess Athena was the protector. Athens today is a modern city and famous, as in ancient times it was mighty city-state and a major center of culture; considered the most historic city in Europe with Rome. She is known worldwide for its historical monuments that have survived, albeit partially, over the centuries. The historic port city is the port of Piraeus.
In Ancient Greece, Athens, referring to the plural (“Athens”); the 19th century, the name is returned as the official name of the city. In the 1970 to the abandonment of katharevousa the name “Athens” became the official.
The urban area occupies an area covering 412,000 acres in the basin surrounded by mountains Egaleo Parnes, Penteli and Hymettus. The total population is approximately 1 / 3 of the total population of Greece is according to the census of 2001 to 3,361,806. Thus, each representing 8,160 km2 inhabitants. The altitude of the city center is estimated at 20 meters from sea level, while the morphology of the basin is relatively diverse, with hills and mountains. Rampant construction has led to the destruction of virtually all the rivers of Attica, who Then he Then he disappeared irreversibly polluted. Moreover, this is the major cause of plymiron levied on the city during the very rainy days.
This is a fairly urbanized city, quite expensive (at constant in the top ten of most expensive cities in the euro area) with beautiful small parks and pine forests in the surrounding mountains, which are burned regularly during the summer months. In recent years many works have been reversing the problems faced by the metropolitan culture and development seems to follow the development path of other famous cities worldwide. However, characteristic remains the lack of skyscrapers, cycle paths and walkways and large parks


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