First Presentation of authentic products Special Olympics “Athens 2011″on the the 25th Report of Touristic Olympics presented

Very positive response from the public and the exhibitors had to present the first official product of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens 2011 25th Report of Touristic “PAROUSIES” held at the Exhibition Centre METROPOLITAN EXPO Airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

In this report, participated with a booth draped in the colors of the Games, the company Creative Concept, an official licensee of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011.

In a specially designed exhibition space, thousands of tourist shoppers and gift items, were able to know and admire the collections of lapel pins (pins) as well as collections of luggage and bags through the designed visual themes of the Games.

Of all the products separately commemorative lapel pin “500 days before the Games”, which will be released on February 10, 2010, to just 500 pieces.
Furthermore, during the exhibition shopkeepers had the opportunity to learn about the Special Olympics World Games to be held in Athens in the summer of 2011, and the methods of supply and sale of genuine products through their branch network.

The Society for Creative Concept is an official licensed manufacturing and marketing products bearing the logo and branding Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens 2011 product groups: “lapel pin – pin, refrigerator magnets, key rings, wallets, waist, backpacks, bags and cords sea Neck-lanyards ».
Revenues from Product Marketing Program ATHENS 2011 will be used to support the World Games and the preparation of the Greek Mission Special Olympics to participate in the Games.


ATHENS 2011 Official Licensed Products are more than just souvenirs.They are decorated with the ATHENS 2011 emblem, which is a radiant sun, the source of life that underlines the excellence and power of the athlete that takes part in the Games.

Official Licensed Merchandise is produced and distributed by designated licensees who have been appointed through tenders. All products are of modern design and high quality. They are targeted at Greek consumers, international visitors, and supporters of the Special Olympics Games around the world.

Official ATHENS 2011 Licensees:

During the first phase of the Licensing Programme, the ATHENS 2011 Organising Committee for the Special Olympics Games finalised the Licensing contracts for the following products categories:

Product Categories: Licensee
Porcelain houseware, Glassware IONIA S.A.
Panteli Makri 2Α & Halkidos str.
111 43 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 3627649, +30 210 4135026
Fax: +30 210 3647343
Contact Name: Manakos Zacharias
19, Αcademias st. & Voukourestiou st. corner, 1st floor
106 71 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 3627649, +30 210 4135026
Fax: +30 210 3647343
Contact Name : Marianna Samouhos – Pagoni
Pins, Key chains, Magnets, Bags, Travel Goods, Lanyards, Towels, Children buckets, Sandals, Umbrellas, Notebooks and Pens CREATIVE CONCEPTS HELLAS
188, Piraeus Str.,17778 Tavros, Greece
Phone: +30 210-3471048

Fax: +30 210-3460353
Contact Name: Mrs Despoina Psilaki

Stickers, Yo-Yo, Luck BagsFancy & Gadget Items, Wall Clocks, Photo Frames, Lucky Charm, Mobile cases K+F PAPOULIAS S.A.
P. Tsaldari 15, Kallithea,Athens Greece
Phone: +30-210-9236063

Fax: +30-210-9223575
Contact Name:John Papoulias

Email: marketing

Christmas and Easter ornaments Le SHOP SA
Skoufa 28, Athens Greece
Phone: +30 210 3644787Fax: +30 210 3460353

Contact Name: Antonis Kalambakas

Jewelry and home accessories i4D LTDKifisias Ave. 100 and Marathonodromon,
151 25, Marousi, Attica
Phone: +30 210 8024 400
Fax: +30 210 8024 240

Contact Name: Alexandra Koumba

Plush Mascot Apollon JUMBO SA9 Kyprou & Idras,
GR 183 46, Moschato,
Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 48 05 200
Fax: +30 210 48 05 212

Contact Name: Anna Maria Hatziathanasiou

Collector’s Items by Ionias’ Porcelain for Special Olympics Games


Ionia is presenting a line of special creations in porcelain items, which reflect the spirit and the hopefulness/ optimism of the athletic events. Inspired by the colors of the Special Olympic World Summer Games ATHENS 2011.  Official licensed articles of high quality porcelain and modern design, reflect the ability of self-transcendence and the power of these athletes that take part on the games.

IONIA official licensed Special Olympics ATHENS 2011 products are distributed through the IONIA chain of stores and in selected stores in all Greece. More Information in

+30 210 25 93 600

KIFISIA: 279 Kifisias Av., tel. 210-8011687,

KOLONAKI: Patriarhou Ioakeim 11, tel. 210-7224125,

GLIFADA: Gr. Lampraki 23, tel. 210-8985905-6,

MAROUSI: THE MALL ATHENS, tel. 210-6300120,

HALANDRI: Haimanta 27Β, tel. 210-6801334,

PEIRAIAS: Iroon Politehneiou 16, tel. 210-4114926,

PERISTERI: Delfon 23, tel. 210-5782800,

RAFINA: Hr. Smirnis 8 & Hr. Mantika, tel. 22940-29077,

ELEYSINA: Pagkalou 59, τtel. 210-5560370

THESSALONIKI: Paulou Mela 15, tel. 2310-288302


LAGKADAS: Tsakmani 57, tel. 23940-24882,

XANTHI: COSMOS, M. Karaoli & Elpidos, tel. 25410-84557,

LARISA: Papakiriazi 6, tel. 2410-552155

PATRA: Ermou 64, tel. 2610-271092,

IRAKLEIO CRETE ISLAND: Ebans 26, tel. 2810-280047

SHOP IN SHOP: RETHIMNO CRETE ISLAND: Α. Papanastasiou 1Α , tel. 28310-23930

LAMIA: Rozaki Aggeli 16, tel. 22310-25263.


Unique creations in ties, scarves and pareos from ECO SHOPS PAGONA

The ties, scarves and pareos Special Olympics ATHENS 2011 is available from the branch network Pagonis House (Tel: 2103627649, 210-4135026

Pins Corner:

Pins are one of the most popular collectors’ products of the Special Olympics Games. The Games of recent years proved that pins are not just a commemorative product; they are also a pleasant hobby. Besides, it is not accidental that pins are called “Spectators’ Sport”.

The pins are designed and distributed by the official ATHENS 2011 licensee, Creative Concept Hellas.

Pins draw their subjects from a variety of design themes such as emblems, mascots, games values, sports, and a wide range of other design themes. Each pin has a unique code written on the back, as well as a number that indicates the total pins produced in that particular design. If it is issued in less than 35,000 copies, it is particularly valuable as a collector’s item, while those having the highest value are designs issued in quantities of less than 7,000, 4,000, or 1,000.

Pin Trading Events:

Pre & Games time with the co-operation of the official Licensee, at Olympic Sports Complex, pin-trading events will be planed, where collectors from all over the world will participate. More information will be available soon.

Product Protection:

The Athens 2011 Special Olympics Games are a matter of national effort, and it is important that each part of this effort, whether large or small, be protected. All official ATHENS 2011 products will bear state-of-the-art systems (holograms) for checking authenticity.

Licensed Stores:
 Retail outlets for Special Olympics ATHENS 2011 products are approved in accordance with the specifications laid down by ATHENS 2011. Approved retail outlets are identified by the Official Mark of Approval, which is a sticker placed on the door of every such shop and granted only by the ATHENS 2011 official licensees.

Authorised Stores 2010-2011:

Tourist – Gift Shop, Tsiotras  G., Mnisikleous 7 & Pandrosou Str., Plaka,

Athens, Greece, +30210-3313377

Tourist – Gift Shop, Tirovouzis Ch., Archelaou & G. Petsou 5Str., Edessa, +3023810-23268 email:

Tourist – Gift Shop, Mosxos D., Pandrosou 45 Str., Plaka, Athens , Greece,


Tourist – Gift Shop, Papanikolaou C. LTD, Pandrosou 1 Str.,

Plaka, Athens , Greece,+30210-3245405

BookStore, FLOROS ATHANASIOS LTS, Main Railway Station, Thessaloniki,


BookStore, FLOROS ATHANASIOS LTD, Komninon 74 Str, Kalamaria,


BookStore, FLOROS ATHANASIOS LTD, 25th Martiou 112 Str, Charilaou,

Thessaloniki, +30-2310-300711

BookStore, FLOROS ATHANASIOS LTD, Bas.Olgas 229 Str, Ntepo,


BookStore, Georgiou Athanasios LTD, Pentelis 82 Ave., Vrilissia, +30-210-6139385

BookStore, Georgiou Athanasios LTD, El. Venizelou 31 str, Melissia, +30-210-6096647

Licensing Department:

The ATHENS 2011 Organising Committee for the Special Olympics World Summer Games, through its Licensing Programme, grants the right of use of the ATHENS 2011 logos, emblems, and symbols for the manufacture and distribution of products, receiving in return a specific percentage of revenue from sales. The income will be used to support the ATHENS 2011 Special Olympics Games and the Greek Special Olympics Team.
The goal of the Licensing Department is the promotion of the Special Olympics Symbols and Values throughout the world. The Department aims to maximise sales of the ATHENS 2011 products, both in Greece and abroad, within an environment of controlled commercialisation.
The ATHENS 2011 Licensing Department applies:

A licensing programme that promotes the symbols of the Games, selects quality contracting companies, and cooperates closely with them in pursuit of high quality standards and the control of the degree of commercialisation.

A retail sales policy which includes the “Special Olympics Stores & Corners”, “Approved Stores” and the retail sales outlets at locations where the Games are staged.

More information about the Licensing program can be received via


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