263 Days Before the Games

Inspired by the ANCIENT GREECE The torch of the World Games

Simple and plain, fully representative of the movement, Special Olympics, the torch of the World Games 2011 presented today at an event at Zappeion. Create ZOLOTAS house, coal and gold, height 45 cm and weighs 1450 grams, is the torch which will be transferred to the Flame of Hope for the torch relay will be completed at the Olympic Stadium in Athens on June 25, 2011, inOpening Ceremony of the World Games Special Olympics.

The first torch was offered to the President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the President of the Organizing Athens 2011, and others. Gianna Despotopoulou with the Special Olympics athlete Kostas Tzoumerka who epeskefthisan at the Presidential Palace immediately after the event for the formal presentation, together with Deputy Minister of Health, Nutrition and Sports, Mr Chris Nightingale.

Ms. Despotopoulou thanked the President of the Republic accepted, said: “We are very excited. This day for us is very important because it presented the torch of the Games and torch must first offer it to you. With such a volunteer we have, the first citizen of the country, we are confident that the Games would be crowned with complete success. Already contributed to the success of the Games because, following your example, have so far signed up 14,500 volunteers. Our goal is 19,000 and continue the campaign. ”
In reply to Mr Karolos Papoulias said: “I am pleased to contribute too. Thank you very much. And I would like to thank everyone for this very important work you do and will surely go well. ”

Earlier, during the presentation of the torch, Ms Despotopoulou in her speech said: “We are 263 days before the Games, the requirements are large. The difficult situation. We stubbornly proceed to the organization with the support of both the State and the Greek and foreign entrepreneurs. I would like to thank the creator of the torch Mr. George Papalexi ZOLOTAS the house. It is a torch that will carry messages of coexistence, love and solidarity.The Touch the Flame of Hope will take place at Holy Hill in Pnyx June 9, 2011 and will start from where the first relay station in Istanbul ”

The floor then took the Secretary of Health, Nutrition and Sports, Chris Nightingale, “Listening to your own words one can travel in a world of solidarity, love and brotherhood. These games have a sense of belonging and not the championship. This is the big event of 2011. We in the United States have an obligation to stand next to this effort and support it. ”

George Papalexis creator of the torch, analyzed in detail the sources of inspiration and in his speech said: “I would like to thank the Special Olympics giaftin the opportunity given to us to create a torch-like ornament called the house ZOLOTAS. It is the first time you do something. The torch carrying the message to the end of hostilities. We chose the Meandros ancient symbol of the infinite, eternal life. It also has the symbolism of Chiron handle. This is an eternal symbol of victory against the impossible. Something that fits in these individual races to be held in Athens. A second element of inspiration is the Ionic column. We combined the fret, the column metal charcoal and gold.

The firm will provide 40 ZOLOTAS torches in OE Special Olympics ATHENS 2011 for the purpose of relay

Photo 1: From left in photo, Secretary of Health, Nutrition and Sports, Mr Chris Nightingale, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Special Olympics «Athens 2011 ‘u. Gianna Despotopoulou, athletes and the creator of the torch Mr. George Papalexi

PHOTO 2: From left in photo, the creator of the torch, the Special Olympics athlete Tzoumerkas Costas, the owner of the house ZOLOTAS Ms. Marianna Papalexi the President of the Organizing Committee Special Olympics «Athens 2011 ‘u. Gianna Despotopoulou, the Secretary General of the Republic Presidency, Ambassador George Costas and President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias.




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