Memorandum of John YTHYNAL Diamantidis with the President of Special Olympics Gianna Despotopoulou

Signed today Wednesday, December 8 of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Islands John Diamandis and Chairman of Special Olympics Joanna Despotopoulou the facilities required in terms YTHYNAL for the successful hosting of the Games.

The President of the Organizing Committee Mr. Despotopoulou decorate the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Islands Mr. John Diamantidis with the highest medal of honor the Special Olympics because, as he said “first of all Mr Diamantidis is a man of Alpha Chapter.

Below are the statements of Mr. John YTHYNAL Diamandis and Chairman of Special Olympics by Joanna Despotopoulou.

Mr. Minister: “It’s a great pleasure for us, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Islands, welcoming the President of the Special Olympics, an institution that makes our country proud. We supply u Despotopoulou such events as evidenced by its recent Olympic Games in Athens, which arguably was the most successful. I’m pretty sure that the games will be summer in our country, those in the Special Olympics, it will mark the progress of our country to big events, that will go onto success. I am sure that with your effort and of course with the assistance of the state, we get the best possible outcome, so these games to become the flag of our country in the world and certainly will be the best advertisement for our country a particularly difficult period.Besides, our Prime Minister Papandreou has been for many years to participate in those efforts which emphasizes the timeless relevance of these matches. That’s why we like YTHYNAL signing today of this Memorandum to make them act that you have planned for better conduct of the games, for better advertising of matches around the world and I hope these games to make back our country proud.

Ms Despotopoulou: “Sir, I would like to thank you very much for your kind words and warm welcome they have given to me and my colleagues and congratulate your colleagues, who responded immediately to all our call. Honestly, thank you and congratulate you on your choice of partners. To thank the representatives of coastal shipping, but also the honorary president of the Union of Passenger Ship Owners Ship Mr. Potamianos, a founding member of the Special Olympics and its first president and of course the President of the Piraeus Port Authority, Mr. Anomeritis.Working with all of you are excellent, the project that we undertake is vast in size of the Special Olympics World Games is equal to;Olympic Games. 7500 will bring athletes, 2,500 coaches, 40,000 family members of athletes, 3,000 representatives of media from 185 countries, our athletes will compete in 22 sports in all Olympic venues, and will come officials, government representatives and the Heads of State today I got the second President of the State said, is from Malawi, many heads of state come here, ministers, and prominent personalities from the arts, literature, sport, will come the President of the International Olympic Committee of course, comes the Prince Albert of Monaco, who said, will come members of various other brands in Europe and the Middle East, and many of your counterparts across the world and what will be the spice in our struggles are the Hollywood stars, many of the stars of Hollywood, are members of the International Commission and us because there is a tendency now are all big stars on the side of vulnerable groups, have met almost all of our invitation and I’ll say 3-4 big names are sure to come, Tom Hanks with Rita Wilson will attend the opening ceremony and clearly will be here Elton John and Paul McCartney, Elton John will play the piano along with that Korkolis has composed the musical theme of the Games, will be or Beyonce or Sacira to sing the song, one of the two has not been confirmed yet, and many others, Clinton will come anyway because it plays a role in opening ceremonybecause they are the first matches take place without the presence of the founder of Special Olympics was Eunice Kennedy, sister of John Kennedy, and Kennedy’s role, she will speak at the opening ceremony, but will speak at the Clinton who was a volunteer the Special Olympics, instead of that last year went to heaven. ”

Mr. Minister: “To say that this effort is to make a collective effort on our country, above all, and all the children of course and I’m pretty sure that you make the call and call and to the Union coaster willrespond positively and will help. Besides, here are representatives of companies and will help as they helped other professional groups, and of course the government with all the understandings signed with other ministries, which we will do today to ‘dress’ as you said with our signature. “


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