Painting Exhibition SKEP: “Footprints”2011 – Special Olympics 2011


As part of its activities, the Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Young People – SKEP,
non-profit organization, created the painting and building footprints.

The “Footprints” 2011 is dedicated to the unique races in the world where all participants are winners, and athletes will be held in cooperation with the Special Olympics Hellas.

The fair will feature creations of children and young people with mental deprivation of institutions, social institutions, especially schools, in collaboration with primary school children, middle school and high school and college students. Furthermore, they exhibited works from 185 countries participating in the Special Olympics.

The artist on “capturing the Special Olympics» gives a wide range of artistic imagination in all groups of young people. They can choose to paint that has directly or indirectly related to the concept of race and participation: Sun, medals, games, sports, athletes, fire, friendship, travel, etc.

Alongside this option refers to concepts and philosophy (together – without distinction) who identify with the spirit of Special Olympics and the backbone of the activities of “Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Young People – S.K.E.P ‘.

Cultural Partnerships:
In the Attica region and from October 2010 to May 2011.
The exhibition will take place in the new wing of the Museum Vorres.

The inauguration will take place on Friday 6 May 2011 and the exhibition will last 8 days

Get a taste of the report Show Artistic Practices “Footprints” 2010

Αποτυπώματα 2010
You can download the catalog of the exhibition “Footprints” 2010


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