Foreign diplomats in the side of the World Games 2011


Very great was the response of foreign diplomatic missions in Athens, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 Gianna Despotopoulou to exchange views on the event to be hosted by Greece in 2011.

At the meeting, the attendance of diplomats was great enthusiasm and showed everyone willing to help, through the communities of their countries in Greece, the voluntary sector and the services of foreign service missions.

Also, there was great interest in participating countries which have diplomatic mission to Greece at their own booths at the festival which will take place in parallel with the conduct of the World Games.

The organization presented the President of the Organizing Committee of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 Gianna Despotopoulou was viewing the video promoting the Games and also presented the “Apollo”, the mascot of the tournament, which stole the show.

For the meeting Mrs. Gianna Despotopoulou said: “The response of the diplomatic corps is excellent and thanks to their help the 10,000 athletes and coaches from 185 countries will take part in the struggles of 2011, will leave the best impressions and experiences of our country, which will also contribute to the promotion of Greece internationally.

The Government was represented by Deputy Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion, John Panaretos, who sent greetings to the diplomats from the Prime Minister said that “2011 will highlight the struggles with the year of Greece”. He also stressed that priority is given to the implementation of ekpadeftikou program of Special Olympics, at high schools and colleges of our country.




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