Successful first test event for Special Olympics World Summer Games


Successfully completed on site «Sailing Academy», near Marathon, the first test event of the World Special Olympics Games Athens 2011, the sport of sailing. The event, which lasted two days, 16 athletes took part in a craft-type 4.20 (two in each boat). Six races.

Great was the participation of volunteers who have contributed significantly to the excellent organization of the test event. The facilities of «Sailing Academy» Found 54 volunteers. The test event took place and the two crews, who had won the World Games in Shanghai in 2007. This is John Mirselaki who partner with Themis Parousi won the gold medal and Hercules Kondo – Mario Petrogkona who came in second step of the podium in Shanghai.

The sailors were divided into four categories. The results per category are as follows: First Division: 1st) Winners Geramanis – Alexander Mogkantam. Second Division: 1st) G. Asvestaris – Anastasios George, 2nd) Mirela Kallamatianou – Paul Kenanoglou, 3rd) Hercules Kontos – Constantine Papadakis. C ‘category: 1st) Helen Edipidis – Etienne Kolialis, 2nd) Anthony Smith – Themis hereof. Fourth group: 1st) John Mirselakis – Demosthenes Stassinopoulos, 2nd) Artemis Konstantouraki – Friday Bekiaridou.

The test events will continue on May 30. On the occasion of the Panhellenic Games Special Olympics test events will take place in 11 sports, with the participation of foreign athletes at the premises of the Olympic Stadium, the Greek and the stadium of Peace and Friendship. “




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