“Injection”for the economy, the World Summer Games Special Olympics 2011

150 Days Before the Games

“Injection” for the economy, the World Summer Games Special Olympics 2011

The grim scene that has developed in recent months in our country need a rainbow to find a new starting point. And this creates the athletes who will attend the World Games Special Olympics 2011 (25 June-4 July). An organization, which among other things, will be shot in the arm for the economy.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the Special Olympics World Summer Games Ms Gianna Despotopoulou at a press conference held in Hotel HILTON ATHENS, analyzed in detail the entire spectrum of the tournament. H was interviewed on the sidelines of the conference on the occasion of the completion of the sponsorship program, 150 days before the start of the World Games.

As the ka.Despotopoulou is the first sporting or social event that takes place in Greece and the budget is balanced. The World Games “Athens 2011” has drawn only 35% of their budget from the state and the remaining 65% has been reached by donors and supporters, which is unprecedented in the history of our country.Even before the outbreak of the crisis, the Organizing Committee has a drastic reduction in the budget, which fell to 73,000,000 euros. All this, however, without affecting the minimum quality of services offered. Great achievement and from 2008 until today, almost no player has managed to secure sponsorship. The assistance of the State and the European Union and of course the sensitivity of our fellow human beings, have brought miraculous results. Many donations in kind, something necessary for the Games, “seeking sponsorship in kind over cash because so avoid competitions that increase the cost” said Ms Despotopoulou.

The economic benefits of the World Games Special Olympics 2011, are manifold. The spectators, relatives and friends of athletes are expected to surpass the 40,000 performing multiple nights in hotels in Athens and other cities while revitalizing stores, restaurants, entertainment. And all this at a time usually limited tourist

The implementation of the “Polis – Amphitryon” in 60 cities and islands where the children will be staying for five days before the Games begin, and with their families, will bring multiple benefits to local communities. The program will be implemented with the help of hoteliers in a difficult time offering 40,000 room nights with a full package.

The Games will attract in Greece glamorous celebrities from around the world. Heads of State, people in sport, politics and entertainment with their presence will advertise in Athens and our country in every corner of the globe. Without a trace of exaggeration, for almost 15 days the attention of the whole world will be facing in Greece. The country will be publicized all around the world. We held meeting with the people who make their own statement and will submit to the UN.

The successful organization of the Games will confirm that Greece, despite its economic problems, is a modern country with respect for people and look to the future. It will send a message of optimism that our country can emerge from the crisis and to reverse the unfair foreign image has been created for all Greeks.

And in social terms will be just profits: the matches will communicate to all Greeks and the State respecting the diversity of people with intellectual disability, special needs and their belief that they are useful and equal members of this society. It will also highlight and outside the social face of Greece

On April 6 across the country, school children will live with students from special schools participating in the Special Olympics and will hold joint events and activities: “We want to educate our young people with new ideas and respect the diversity of everyone,” added the President the Organizing Committee.

Is the unconditional support of the state. The President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, was the first of 19,000 volunteers of the organization. The Prime Minister Mr. George Papandreou and President of the Opposition Mr. Antonis Samaras, a founding member of Special Olympics Hellas. Perfect is the cooperation of the Organizing Committee with the various ministries and agencies. The effort is collective, nationwide: “The Games we will be profitable. And thank you once again to the Government, ministries, public institutions and all donors supporting the effort, “ended the presentation of Ms. Despotopoulou

The Special Olympics is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968, giving form to the vision of the founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver sister of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.
Since then, Special Olympics has grown into a global movement that gives the opportunity for 3.1 million people with intellectual disabilities in 185 countries worldwide, primarily through the sport, enhance their self-esteem, to discover their individual skills and how these are to be active and useful members of their communities.

In Greece, founded in 1987 as a non-profit, sports and educational association for the integration of Greeks with intellectual disabilities in the Global Movement for Special Olympics

In World Games Special Olympics 2011, Greece will host 7500 athletes and 2,500 coaches from 185 countries will compete in 22 Olympic sports. Our country has the largest group with 486 members. In the 3000 Games will meet representatives of the media On June 9, 2011, will be the Ceremony of the Flame of Hope in the Holy Hill Pnyx. The Torch Relay will be held 9-24 June 2011, from Athens to Istanbul, Alexandria, Egypt, Paphos and 60 cities and islands of our country. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Panathenaic Stadium Panathenaic.The Artistic Director has assumed Mr. Fokas Evangelinos

In the interview, also attended by Ms Mary Davis, CEO Special Olympics Europe / Eurasia, Mr. Todd Lee, Vice President Special Olympics International, the executive director of the Games, Mr. Vassilios Vassiliadis, etc.

In the attendees were given a CD with the song you wrote ONIRAMA especially for the athletes of Special Olympics Hellas, and is included in their latest album. The title is “There For You I!”


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