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Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation between the Ministries of Local Government and the OE Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011

With the support of state and political leadership, the Organizing Committee of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 goes into Memoranda of Cooperation with the Ministries of the Greek Government and Local Government, which confirm the stated intention to cooperate promptly and fully effective inpreparation and conduct of the Games in 2011. So far the following have signed memoranda of understanding under which the Organizing Committee granted the following:


Courtesy of the camping area of the Municipality of Athens (area St. Andrew’s) for use as part of the village of Special Olympics to stay up to 1200 athletes and escorts.

Placing the entire range of services of camp staff and operation and maintenance of these sites.

Cooperation in planning communication programs, practices and applications and image display (look of the town) throughout the Games in Athens.

Contribution of the Municipality of Athens to the promotion and success of the ATHENS 2011 Volunteer Programme, and the concession areas in central parts of the historic center of Athens for installation info booths volunteers who will inform tourists and visitors to Athens for the Games.

Promotion and enhancement of the ATHENS 2011 Volunteer Program to the citizens of Athens with all appropriate ways and means available to the City of Athens, such as publications and information materials in print entries or other media (events, website, media) of the Municipality of Athens in the period March 2010 – June 2011.

Joint events on dates to be synapofasistoun in the areas of “Technopolis-CITY OF ATHENS, Constitution Square and the Square Kotzia for hosting events related to the organization in 2011.

Working with the Athens Municipal Radio Station 9.84 View Games and the objectives of ATHENS 2011.

Provision of cleaning crews and other personnel of the Municipality of Athens to prepare for the needs of the city of Athens for the 2011 event.

Cooperation in implementation of the “City-Amphitryon” during which the international shipments will be hosted for 4 days in various cities and islands of Greece, for athletes to experience the Greek culture and adapt to a new environment.

Cooperation and assistance of the Municipal Police for security, order, and civil defense during the tournament.


For the specific needs of the Games, the Archdiocese of Athens and the NGO Solidarity of the Church of Greece will be helpers in the implementation of the following:
a.1. Show Games and spread the message of understanding and acceptance of intellectual disability in the wider public by all appropriate means to that end with (in particular through publications, radio station, website or participate in meetings, events, conferences, etc.)
a.2. Assisting in the process of awareness and education within the Church in general and offer volunteer program of the Games to attract volunteers.
a.3. Support, particularly through the parishes of the “City Amphitryon.

The support of the Athens 2011 pre-meeting food needs of athletes and / or volunteer organization.

The charge at hostels and camping sites for hosting accredited members of the organization and its use by the Organising Committee and the related services and provision of staff for operation and maintenance.

The strengthening of the Games through the provision of bed linen and towels for the Special Olympics athletes who will participate in the World Games. After the event, Athens 2011 will deliver the materials to agencies or institutions appointed by the Archdiocese of Athens and / or NGO Solidarity of the Church of Greece.

Ministry of Interior and Electronic Government (formerly the Ministry of Interior)

Courtesy of resorts Officers of Police (Aghios Andreas) for use by the Athens 2011 as part of the village of Special Olympics and the availability of staff for operation and maintenance.

Evaluation of existing infrastructure of resorts (buildings, energy, telecommunications, etc., to meet the requirements of the organization and exploring the possibilities of potential improvement.

Design and implement traffic safety, order and civil protection for the smooth conduct of the Games.

Involvement of police in the last stage of the Torch Relay (in Greece), which will bring together 110 representatives and police officers from around the world (Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run – LETR).

Encourage and facilitate participation of civil servants in central government, the Regions and Local Authorities A and B grade in the volunteer program, through legislation introducing special incentive programs and information and communication. Also facilitate the recruitment of the Organizing Committee with postings from all levels of the Central and Regional Administration and Local Government.

Consider extending the existing capabilities YP.ES. to better serve the citizens in the preparation and conduct of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2011.

(The Division now comes under the Ministry of Civil Protection)

Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks (formerly Ministry of Transport and Communications)

Disposal of about 350 buses for the period 20/6-5/7 2011 movements 9500 athletes and escorts from the Village of Special Olympics for the sports facilities.

Special provision for the removal of all athletes during the Opening Ceremonies (Olympic Stadium) and Closing (Panathinaikos Stadium).

Establishment of the Working immediate future, consisting of strains of OASA and Co. Athens 2011, which will develop under the curriculum of the race routes, the operation of major transport malls in St. Andrews Stadium & Greek, points for (re) for transmission, the waiting areas for buses, etc. The working group will also develop possible alternative plans of operation.

Accredited individuals will use free buses OECD.

Updating websites OECD with relevant information (maps, routes, etc.) to serve persons accredited.
Densification of service in key corridors and bus lines that will support the operation of racing facilities in the period 20/6-5/7 2011.

Cooperation on publicity and communication among OECD & Co.ATHENS 2011.

The visibility and prominence of the ATHENS 2011 Volunteer Programme in the wider public or to specific groups in every possible way and means that the OSCE has (website, events, publications in print of the Agency, etc.).

Under the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Transportation, involves the cooperation of the Administration of the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” with the Organizing Committee, under which provide the following services:

Information on the process of arrivals and departures of shipments, the official but in general all those involved in the Games, during the period from June 20 to July 5, 2011.

More specifically, cooperation in designing and implementing remote check-in at the Village of Special Olympics, to decongest the traffic at the airport and to accelerate the departure of shipments.

The recognition sites at the airport to operate in terms of Org.Committee Reception Centre and Accreditation (Welcome & Accreditation Center).

Parks, and traffic flow for buses to pick up athletes vehicles Org.Commission and a truck carrying luggage.

Apply security policies with the involvement of the Greek Police to assist with determination to work Org. Commission in this area.

Collaboration in designing communications programs, practices and applications and image display (look of the city) of the Games to internal and surrounding areas of the airport.

Facilities to serve people with disabilities.


The granting of the resorts of the MOD-Air Force General Staff responsibility for hosting the athletes – escorts, respectively.

The involvement of soldiers in the volunteer program of the Olympic Games 2011, establishing procedures and incentive system for participation conscripts aggregated by Defence.

The provision of the General Staff – Air Force, Medical Services for the athletes, locations and hosting a 24 hour basis without the commitment to take the full responsibility of health care.

The support of the Games with meteorological data and information within the capabilities of Staff.


Under the cooperation of the Organizing Committee with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and showed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the General Secretariat for Sport and Co. ATHENS 2011 by which it adopted and agreed the following:

The use of the two largest sports centers in the country (Olympic Stadium and SEF) to accommodate both sports, and non-sporting activities of the Global Games in particular: (a) in the Olympic Stadium, the Opening Ceremony and conduct sports like tennis, basketball, swimming , volleyball, weightlifting and dynamic track and non-sports programming as the press center and accreditation, and (b) in the SEF, the conduct of table tennis, boccia and skating on the floor.

But not only are the following services areas and activities under the supervision of the General Secretariat of Sports:

Free usage of facilities and necessary staff of the Olympic Stadium and the SEF for the needs of the organization, both the test events (Test Events) of the Games at various dates in 2010 and the World Games, from May 1 until the July 31, 2011.

Free usage of certain offices, support facilities and services in the Olympic Stadium and the SEF from 1 March to 31 July 2011 for the purpose of preparing the opening and administrative support of the OC Athens 2011 and groups operating facilities.

Also, for the specific needs of the preparation of the Games agreed that the General Secretariat of Sports will assist them in achieving the following:
i. Education Referees – Referee
ii. Supply / disposal of existing or new sports equipment
iii. Human resources
iv. View Sports Games to the wider area

Under the cooperation of the Organizing Committee with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and showed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the ESO and Co. Athens 2011, which it adopted and agreed the following:

View the Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011 by the EOT campaign (brochures, TV spots, posters, etc.).

Creating promotional material for the exhibition games, during the International Tourism Fair, which is involved with EOT Pavilion and participate in one or two representatives of the Athens 2011 official missions to the EOT.

Promotion of Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011, through its network of offices EOT, both abroad and at home, to inform the public and the media for this great cultural, social, humanitarian and sporting event which proudly hosted by our country.

Of events and promotion of events on the occasion of the celebration of World Tourism Day for the years ahead.

Show Games events in the International Tourism Fair in Thessaloniki FILOXENIA and presentation of the program of Athens 2011 “POLIS AMPHITRYON” (Host Town) to the exhibitors’ representatives of local authorities (prefectures, municipalities, etc.) during the workshops.

Promoting the “POLIS AMPHITRYON” (HOST TOWN PROGRAM), through its Local Unions and Hoteliers Association of Travel Agents.

Cooperation to events taking place in large expatriate centers (eg New York, Astoria, Melbourne, Montreal, etc.).

Hosting official (Heads of State, celebrities, etc.) during the race, but during the test events. So far the Ministry of Tourism has assisted in providing hospitality to official guests on the occasion of the Ceremony of the Flame of Hope and the Opening of the Torch Relay for the World Winter Games Special Olympics, which took place in 2009 in Idaho, USA.

Also given dinner by the Minister of Tourism on the occasion of the World Special Olympics Winter Games in 2009 in Idaho – USA.Dinner hosted by Greece, on the eve of the closing ceremony as the country hosts the next World Games. A screening of our country videos, promotional materials and souvenirs.

Organized banquets, conferences and other events during the Games but also the test events.

Contribute to the promotion and organization of the Torch Relay Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011, both inside and outside Greece in order to view our country from the international media covering that period local events for full information About 180 missions around the world will participate.


Provision of Hospital Care and Emergency Medical Services.
Ensure public health and hygiene with the implementation of operational plans for the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases, food safety and the general preservation of environmental health.

Courtesy of the Social Solidarity camp near St. Andrew’s for use by the Organising Committee as part of the Village Special Olympics, mapping of existing infrastructure and identify needs for possible improvements.

Cooperation on volunteering and awareness programs and media personnel, health, and administrative, Social Solidarity and Cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations of the Ministry of the file in order to attract volunteers with expertise in Health and Medical Services.

Introduction of the Educational Program Special Olympics “So get into it” in Primary and Secondary Education.

Encouragement – within their powers – the School of Media Studies University of Athens and Panteion University to carry out workshops and lectures to inform students about the Special Olympics World Games in Athens 2011 and take voluntarily (aspart of their practical training), their support for what is related to communication and the media coverage.

Support Program “POLIS AMPHITRYON» (Host Town) of the Games, through the local structures of the General Secretariat for Youth and Local Youth Councils (Local Youth Councils), designed to inform and sensitize the local communities, as well as participation in Athens 2011 the regional “Open Weekends’ General Secretariat, addressed to the Local Youth Councils.

Working with the General Secretariat for Youth and the Unified Board of Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education to attract volunteers to the Games Volunteer Program in 2011, and the establishment of relevant policies and procedures and system of incentives for participation and sharing for the respective cases in European programs proposed by the Athens 2011 Organizing Committee.

Working with the General Secretariat of Youth for the design of the thematic content of the Global Youth Summit (Global Youth Summit), jointly with the International Committee of Special Olympics, and the joint submission of dossiers in European projects to be proposed by Athens 2011 Organizing Committee , regarding the funding of the organization of the Conference of the European Union.


Courtesy of the Ministry of Education camp (area St. Andrew’s) for use by the Organising Committee as part of Special Olympics Village and available operating personnel and maintenance.
Investigate any possibilities to improve existing camp infrastructure (buildings, energy, telecommunications, etc.) under the regular budget of the Ministry of Education.

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