Signing of Memorandum of cooperation for conducting the Special Olympics World Games

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Kostis Hatzidakis has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Organising Committee of the World Games Special Olympics – Athens 2011.

The Memorandum confirms the intention of the Ministry and the Organizing Committee to work quickly and effectively to the success of organizing the Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held in Athens in 2011.

After the signing of the memorandum, Mr Hatzidakis said:
“After that preparation had been signed today a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Special Olympics, the organization of Special Olympics in Greece in 2011. These games are large and require preparation, very important. The state, as I explained to Mrs. Despotopoulou, must be and will be next to the Organizing Committee, to better prepare the games. Especially the Ministry of Transport, both in transport and telecommunications will make it possible for the proper conduct of these important events. I want to thank Mrs. Despotopoulou and the Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Simopoulos, the effort made to prepare this memorandum of cooperation and understanding that creates the conditions to proceed without a hitch in the preparation of Special Olympics Games .

Gianna Despotopoulou-President of the Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics: «Sir, I want to thank you opened the doors of the Ministry to get in the Special Olympics. Thank you and Mr. Simopoylo is a member of the Organizing Committee and helps us to be able to cope with these problems associated with transport.You know of course, the “alpha and omega” in big events, the success in the field of transport and communications. And here we have stated: The Ministry of Transport and Communications will be next to us. The games are huge: 7,500 athletes and 2,500 coaches will come to participate in the tournament, also 3000 officials from countries in 1832 and with 25,000 volunteers, 40,000 family members of athletes and 3,000 media representatives will come here to catch the moments Triumph of these individual children. I have only once again thank the Minister for Transport and we will be available and will always obey the commands as well as those who must respond to and we can make the organization very good. ”

QUESTION: There is information on the privatization of Olympic competition and midnight Friday, the process of motivation?

MINISTER: Today I have the authorization from our investment advisors tell you that in each of three separate competitions at this time is in progress, namely the competition for the flight project in competition for the handling and the competition for technical basis, in each of those contests have at least ten candidates. The control continues after the meeting of the Ministerial Privatization Committee within this week we will be able, based on the full details we will have to time by the investment advisers of the Government to make more detailed announcements.

QUESTION: So we are talking about 30 investors are interested? The number tell us.
MINISTER: I give you, the evidence so far as control goes.Nominations were submitted by Friday evening. And you should check the facts to determine that those who submitted entries, comply with the requirements of the competition. Of those so far we can introduce at least ten per contest, six have expressed interest in three competitions. And the flight operations and technical basis for ground service.

QUESTION: Are there any other European airline in addition to Qatar?
MINISTER: There, I can say airlines companies operating in the area of general aviation and investment funds are interested.
QUESTION: Airlines are also from Europe and the East?
MINISTER: There are from Europe and the East.
QUESTION: The funds are domestic?
MINISTER: What I can tell you and also to avoid any misunderstandings, not interested or the Aegean, or the Lufthansa.
QUESTION: Air France;
MINISTER: I repeat. That is all I can say.
QUESTION: Finance funds from Greece exist?
MINISTER? Things are clear. The funds also have no country. I can tell you this. We operate under exactly the understanding that we do with our investment advisors and say what we can say at any moment. Precisely because, if present before the test is complete make a statement in danger ourselves. And we prefer to say less.But to know in any case will follow the principles of transparency and recommendations of the investment advisers of the Government. It is very important contest, open, international, transparent, and has involved an active role in the Monitoring Committee of the European Union. Everything will be based on the principles of legality and transparency.

QUESTION: With the data so far is pleased by your side?
MINISTER: Of course there is satisfaction. Never before in any process of privatization of Olympic, it was expressed that the principle concern.
QUESTION: When will we announce the names?
MINISTER: I said. We meet the Interministerial Committee and the meeting and based on input from four different investment advisers of the Government, there will be more detailed announcements.
QUESTION: Is there any one investor may not want the public’s interest?
MINISTER: Of course.
QUESTION: What if this?
MINISTER: We will discuss the Interministerial Committee


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