Heralds Volunteering : Alcestis Protopsalti

The Respected Attikiouzel Alcestis, Alcestis Protopsalti since 1975, was born in Alexandria, Egypt on October 18. Her mother, a teacher originally from Chios born in Alexandria, as her father, a surgeon recognized origins in Anatolia.
Childhood memories have a strong stamp of Alexandria in smells and images on walks with her parents in the desert with her grandfather on the Corniche, in cafes with their hookahs (a specific coffee shop across from her childhood home in Alexandria to thekey role in helping to identify this house, when after almost 40 years to visit her hometown).
At the age of 6 years is faced with uprooting. Do not forget to date the last look at her childhood home and the customs official who broke the only doll that held in its hands, to find hidden valuables.Since then, never played with dolls again.
Her family, although she had relatives who then fled to Australia for Nasser, chose Athens as a compulsory second home. Just a few years later, her father could not bear the burden of uprooting and died. This fierce and a final blow of fate does not ever get over.
Child restless, hyperactive, then and now, he tetanus serum at 6 months, ever since stepped nails in construction where he played in making the round of death in New Smyrna with his childhood friend, Stamatis Kraounakis. Child impossible, restless, with a very loud voice, gave a recital early in cardboard boxes on the pharmaceutical terrace.
Already in the works of 13 summers to provide financial assistance to the family. He has worked as a tour guide (who brought her experience at an early landmark contact microphone). In winter, attending school, which is a good student, vivid, and fatal charge of all artistic events.
During puberty dedicates itself to the sport, and while we won in 1975, an artist of unique Range probably lost a champion. He is passionate about athletics (100 m, 400 m hurdles Panionios and handball in Milon until 1986). The athletic office is also evident both in its ethos and in its natural state. The fitness and a healthy diet is not lacking in her life.
At the age of 17 years and while not intended to be a singer, listens to a student party to sing and play guitar photographer George Paschalidis, then try the Municipality Moutsis songs from the album “St. in February, and finally trust of songs like “God forsakes Anthony” disk “Tetralogy” poetry by Cavafy, Richie, Karyotakis. The first contract to Columbia to sign a reluctant mother certainly not impressed with the professional perspective opened in front of her daughter. Let us not forget the earlier match of each singer with free morals woman of the night.
With unparalleled tenacity, professionalism and dynamism will be managed from the outset of his brilliant career to be imposed in the art of song with a unique weapon the great and expressive voice!


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