Frequently asked questions about the conduct of the XIII Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011

How to become a Special Olympics athlete?
To become a fighter should be reported to the nearest existingsection of Special Olympics, or if there are more willing, to startsuch a section in the school or educational institution. It is best tocontact the Regional Director, who will point out the section closestcontact with the phone and the person responsible. A futurecompetitor may be reported to and get more information.

As I made my site (eg school) to set up a section of Special Olympics?
Best to contact the Regional Director of the Department in the province. The Director will send the required documents andorganize the founding meeting of the section. The next step issigning agreements with the management  of the school andeducational establishments.

How can I start on the  competition  nationwide or  world wide Special Olympics?
To compete in Special Olympics competition at any level must  firstbe  officially  registered as a player and participate in training. Thenthe player  goes  to the next levels of competition in the local section of the  competition at the regional level, country and world. Every competitor  at the World Games, in accordance with the SpecialOlympics, Inc.. had to compete in the competition of lower rank. Asystem of  qualification  of players from lower-level occupations to a higher official  said provisions (Articles 1 – general provisions and the section  “T” –  Criteria for promotion – the higher the level of participation  will be promoted competition medalists sub. When the seats in the senior  competition  is less than a medal gold medalists will advance,  and when there are still more than places available  for promotion  to the drawing of lots among the goldmedalists.

Do people with disabilities  other than intellectual  can participate  intraining and competitions for Special Olympics?

Special Olympics is an organization acting on behalf of people withintellectual disabilities. Persons with other types of disability canparticipate in Special Olympics competitions if you also areintellectually disabled.

Why should you be in the Special Olympics?

Above all, Special Olympics is a worldwide social movement thatenables a comprehensive cultural and social contacts. During thecompetition  are established friendships that sometimes last for years.  Accompanying them is indisputably the development of social skills is an added value to the lives of our players who canshare with others the joy and daily efficiency.

Since  the  mission  and goal of Special Olympics is to ensureparticipation in the yearlong series of trainings and competitions insome  Olympic sports,  both summer and winter.

How can I support the activities of Special Olympics?
Beautiful is the work of volunteer support. The gift of your time andheart, donated by people of good will is the key to the success of our organization  around the world. If you have time and desire, you can go to anywhere – the nearest office of Special Olympicsthroughout the country.  Work is very much. Welcome!
Another way is financial or in kind. The donor may donate an amount of money to our bank account or purchase necessary  fordaily work and training  equipment.
What is the difference from the Special Olympics  Paralympic movement?
Despite a very similar mission, both organizations can becompared to two different tribes. Paralympic Movement brings together non-disabled athletes with intellectual who, at some stageof personal development they have suffered irreparable injury,accident or limit their physical performance.
Our charges are the Special Olympics athletes, whose performanc edeviates from the intellectual standards generally accepted in thesociety. In addition, they may also occur in coupled physicaldisability.


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