Ολυμπιακό Αθλητικό Κέντρο Αθηνών (ΟΑΚΑ)

Olympic Athletic Center of Athens

Olympic Stadium is part of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (Olympic Stadium) Capacity 75,000 spectators. There will take place Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games and the athletics events.

The Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Athens 2004 and the Ministry of Culture jointly chose the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava for the redesign of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens. The 50 year old architect, engineer and sculptor, recognized internationally for its impressive design communications tower at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, has focused his interest to integrate the different elements of the Group on a common theme.According to the plan of Calatrava, in today’s Olympic Stadium will add a new part consisting of a grid ceiling beams. The impressive structure of steel and laminated glass will be supported by a series of side arches and a central arch, while the connection is made with cross beams.

The success of Calatrava to combine design and mechanical elements in a creative way reflected in the plans for the Olympic Stadium, including:
The main road from east to west, which provides direct links to the various Olympic venues. Sprung vaulted ceilings / shelters, which will cover part of the Olympic Stadium and the entrances and all of cycling.
Market, a covered semi-circular structure, as wide gallery, with steel arches and metal roof coating, which will provide shade for spectators while allowing light to enter the gallery. Indigenous vegetation – olives, pines, elms, poplars and cypresses, which will be planted within and outside the Olympic Stadium

Ornamental pools pale blue surfaces to be illuminated at night to supplement the natural serene ambience of the Games.

Said: “Everything has its shape and follow the path of the arc, as an athlete throwing the javelin, or a runner runs.
Also on the main boulevard that Calatrava will place:

A sculpture that symbolizes the link between ancient Greece and the Olympics.
The Olympic altar, the symbol of the Olympic Games in the form of sculpture with data traffic, visible from all competition venues of the Olympic Stadium, lit during the ceremony.

The Olympic Stadium, the Agora and the Velodrome will be the heart of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.


The Olympic Athletic Center of Athens was named the winner of the Marathon Spiro Louis in 1896, a resident of the municipality of Maroussi. The extent of 1,000 acres, where it is located, belongs to the municipality of Maroussi.

The cornerstone of the Olympic Stadium joined on 8 January 1980 by the then Greek Prime Minister and later President Konstantinos Karamanlis. His vision led him and the construction of the Stadium was to gradually create all necessary conditions for some time the Olympic Games to be hosted again in Greece.
Two years later, on September 8, 1982, opening day of the 13th European Championships PSC 82, were also the opening of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens by the then President Konstantinos Karamanlis and the then Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou. Manufacturer was the German Weidleplan with the architects responsible H. Stalhout, Fr Herre Andrikopoulos and Dim.
In the coming years around the Olympic Central Stadium, were added to the Olympic Velodrome (inaugurated in 1991), the Olympic Aquatic Centre (1991), Olympic Indoor sporting articles (1995), Olympic Tennis Center (2004) and all other ancillary sports facilities.
The new Olympic Athletic Center of Athens was a manufacturing and technological masterpiece, which even today, with the addition of rehabilitation works by Santiago Calatrava, is an integral part of the growing area of the northern suburbs of Athens.

The suburb of Attica province called Amaroysio located 10 km north of Athens. Amarousion took the name of the goddess Artemis, which the City of Athmonon worshiped as “Amarissia.Pausanias says that the Games, which took place in the City of Athmonon, called “Amarissia. The cult of Artemis came to Athens from Amarynthos, city in southern Evia. These games include music and sports events as well as the pyrrhic dance. The pyrrhic dance mark a coming of age of young people and part of the ritual of initiation into the secrets of the proper functioning of the state.The ancient war, who gave his name to the chorus, was one of Kourites who, according to Greek mythology, Zeus protected when he was a baby from the fury of Saturn. And how they did it? Loudly banged their spears on their shields to create thunderous noise and not sound like a crying baby.
A few meters away from the installation of the stadium tennis athlete s tomb (400-375 BC).

Through the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens is spending the Hadrian’s aqueduct, a work of Emperor Hadrian, which was constructed in 125 AD completed in 140 AD Water derived from Mount Penteli through the current City of mental and Abelokipoi of Athens, the stores on the square tank at the foot of Lycabettus Hill, where was the distribution.



1. Field of Play

Football 105×68
Running 400 with 9 tracks.
4 valves pole vault.
5 valves shot.
2 lanes for javelin.
2 valves discus (the 1 is a socket cage – with reducer valve becomes hammer throw).
6 trenches long jump and triple jump.
2 trenches jump height.
2 electronic tables.

Note: The host of the Olympic Stadium turf consists of around 6,000 plastic carrier, in which cultivated thermophilic turf. The cabins are mutually tangent, measuring 1.2 x 1.2 m and is located on a flat concrete surface area of 8 acres, which is traversed by 2 lateral drainage channels. The irrigation of the lawn through 35 aftoanypsoumenon sprinklers using irrigation. This system enables the movement of grass in an area outside the stadium to chrisimipoiithei the underlying surface for various events.

2. Capacity

Attendance: 69,618.
Suites 14 official
Posts journalists (written – email release): 480.
Inputs (the pitch) 2.
Parking 3.
Official Suites: 14
Suites infrastructure for broadcasting 2.
Security Suite: 1

3. Sites Athletes

Pool of athletes.
Locker athletes (3).
Coaches / massage.
Luggage warm with 4 tracks.

4. Reviewers

Car Stewards.
Conference room.
Rooms judges.
Parking attendants.
Indoor Swimming judges.
Address space T.V.
Studio T.V.

5. Venues Services

First Aid.
Doping Control.
Auxiliary personnel.

6. Helpful Sites

Warehouses sports equipment.
Auxiliary spaces.

7. Outdoors

Gate marathon.
Road access.
Internal road.

Plan Positions


During the XIII Special Olympics World Games sports facilities in Olympic Athletic Center of Athens will be the sport of Athletics in the June 28, 2011 to 4 July 2011 and the Opening Ceremony will probably take place at this facility or Panathinaikos stage (The birthplace of the first Olympics held ceded that Baron Pierre de Coubertin in Paris established the International Olympic Committee and decided to revive the Olympic Games.) . On June 25, 2011


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