Cisco proud Sponsor of Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011.

– As part of an ongoing commitment to the acceptance of diversity and inclusion into society for all, Cisco announced today that it is proud to sponsor the Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011.

Based on Borderless Network Architecture, Cisco will establish an integrated, powerful and highly secure environment that offers opportunities for cooperation in the cities that will host the Games and its working groups. The Unified Computing System, Cisco will be used to complete both natural and virtualized data centers.


Cisco provides the technologies that are necessary to create a robust and secure network Unbound (Switching / Routing, Security, Wireless Access), which will serve as a platform for data center solution based on a system UCS.

• As part of an integrated collaboration environment, the Cisco Unified Communications will facilitate communication between buildings in different locations, which will be used more than 700 IP phones. Since that Athens and Nicosia are among the main cities hosting the Games, the Cisco TelePresence rooms will be used to facilitate collaboration between groups.

• The Special Olympics World Games is a movement that aims to create a world dominant trend which will not be the “exclusion” but to integrate into society. Cisco has the same vision for social inclusion. Therefore it participates in the “Wonderful World of Winners” as a sponsor of Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011.

• The World Games 2011 Athens Special Olympics held in Athens from June 25 to July 4, 2011 with the participation of 7500 athletes from 185 countries, 2500 coaches, 3,000 referees, 40,000 family members and 3,000 spokespersons from around the world.

Supporting Voices

• Gianna Despotopoulou, Chairman of the Organizing Committee Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011:
‘For Special Olympics Hellas, February 14th is a special day. This Day in 1987 signed the Founding Act Benefit Sports and Educational Non-profit association, called the Special Olympics International – Greece. After 24 years of constant effort, we can say with confidence that all those who are fellow travelers on this wonderful journey we get more than you give. So far, we are doubly delighted to welcome the Cisco family of proud sponsor of Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011. This is a company with extensive experience in the field, worthy of international standing and reputation. With complete confidence, rely on the valuable services from Cisco to create a comprehensive and reliable technology environment in which to communicate with the cities that will host the Games, the data centers and players of the tournament. We thank her because we share the same principles and values for a world without exclusion, and sincere respect for diversity. ”

• Odysseas Charalambous, General Manager, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Cisco:
“Integration means not only recognition of diversity, but recognizing and appreciating the value that each person can bring to the team.The acceptance and inclusion for all that we can achieve if we try together. Cisco’s participation in this global sporting event really makes me proud. ”

• Alexander Behrakis, regional sales manager and CSR leader, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Cisco:
“At Cisco we adopt a practical acceptance of diversity and inclusion into society. Although diversity exists in most societies and groups, the acceptance and integration is not common. This is a great challenge and opportunity for us to become more receptive and open to the real winners in life – ∙ those who win the struggle for self-esteem and respect. Our culture, a culture of acceptance of diversity, we would “go ahead”, making us richer as a group.

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