Photos from the test event in May 2010 in Athens 2011 by sending tpy Luxembourg(deleted this article)

Beware the Isotope 2011athens.wordpress.Com has no responsibility for material reprinted from website without the capture of the article and the reproduction of photos from the test events where he had participated and the group Luxembourg in May 2010 for the World Games Special Olympics Athens 2011 as published on the website link to the sub Pregames Athens 2010 having information before that the article to point out that the material of photographs belonging to the official website of the non-profit sporting and educational association for the integration of Luxembourg with intellectual disabilities in the Global Movement for Special Olympics,

We apologize for any inconvenience  caused  unintentionally  U.S  created for monitoring the Isochorou 2011athens.  For these reasons, determined the deletion of the pedometers fromthis Site


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