Polska : Preparations for the Special Olympians to the world the Olympic Games in Athens

Already on June 25 will begin at the Athens World Special Olympics Summer Games. Among the 7,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities in 185 countries will be 85 players from the Polish.Together with them will go to Athens, officials, doctors and volunteers.

Poles will compete in 15 disciplines: gymnastics, cycling, tennis, table tennis, bocce, badminton, athletics, swimming, powerlifting, soccer women, men’s soccer, basketball, inline, horseback riding, bowling and canoeing. Strzałkowska Margaret, Head Polish team , describes the qualification of players to Athens: Special Olympics Athletes train in a continuous cycle, year-round.Each of the players in our movement has a chance of promotion to a higher level of competition. Gold medalists in individual groups of dexterity in the lower level of competition in accordance with the provisions of the Special Olympics are qualified to participate in higher level competitions.

On April 4-8 in Spala test held in 15 disciplines of the World Organic summer Olympics Special Olympics. The aim was not only technical preparation, shaping and improving the overall strength of the players performance. Athletes, who collectively will go to the Olympics, had a chance to meet up, make friends and, especially in team sports, learn to cooperate in a group. This was also an important time for coaches appointed to Athens. Arthur Walker, a basketball coach , emphasizes the importance of such meetings for team sports players: Even though our players are from 3 different sections, we see that already starting to rip, to think as a team. The beginning was difficult, because everyone was playing solo, but now I have seen team play. The players are doing really good progress.

Strona głównaSports Special Olympics is not only training and competition. Says Mark Muszynski, basketball coach , through sport athletes with intellectual disabilities are in contact with other athletes, can be realized, and most of them really applied to it . The involvement of the Special Olympians also tells Joanna Bałdyka, badminton coach:My players would train for even longer than the last training. And although it may have hurt their muscles, and already, in my opinion, have had enough, the very asking whether some may still be in training or come earlier to the next.

For all athletes who are in the squad of Special Olympics Poland, World Games is a tremendous event. Bałdyka Joanna says: For all the badminton players are the first Olympics, so a great experience. I am a little nervous, but mainly associated with Athens in hope. Each of them wants to win – this is the sporting spirit that sits deep in them. Eager to be winners. But I also want to experience a great adventure, learn about new places, new people. Muszynski Mark adds: T akże for basketball is their first participation in such a huge sporting event. We are going through this trip, not only because of its sporting aspect, but it is also for many of them first so big trip abroad. And of course it is all trainers with them survive.

Pawel Korzeniowski, a member of the team  competes in wieloboju gymnastic and they will have for him the world’s second Olympics. In 2007 at the World Special Olympics Summer Games in Shanghai, he won four medals: 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals. Now he is preparing for departure from Athens. I train 3.5 hours a day, they are both ogólnosprawnościowe exercises, as well as purely athletic. When asked what would be achieved at the Olympics in Greece responds: Bring Medal. Gold medal for the whole Rodzinki!

It is worth noting that noted by all who had the opportunity to learn about the Special Olympics movement – the joy that athletes with intellectual disabilities derive from the sport. Emotion, desire to win, the spirit of rivalry is similar to that of people without disabilities in sports, but, as stressed by Joanna Bałdyka , here is a little more fun with that at all, attending a sports event.

As early as 25 June in Athens Opening Ceremony boisterous start to the World Special Olympics Summer Games. The stadium is among the thousands of athletes from around the world will enter 85 athletes of Special Olympics Poland team. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for them!


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