SO San Marino at the upcoming World Championships in Athens

San Marino athletes will be in Greece from June 20 to July 4, 2011

Special Olympics, the international program leader in the field of intellectual disabilities, is organizing the World Summer Special Olympics Games Athens 2011. The Games will unite the world through sport and make it possible to celebrate the skills and talent of people with intellectual disabilities, creating a new global vision of acceptance, acceptance and integration.

Vision: to embrace global diversity through individual skills and celebrate all differences. Through the World Games, Special Olympics Athletes go beyond the geographical borders, political, cultural and especially religious. The chase common goal and sharing moments of victory are a unique combination. This spirit of partnership will be elsewhere on the playing fields, among the families that follow their own athletes and communities that welcome the athletes, ensuring a better life for all.


  • When: June 25-July 4 2011
    • 7500 Athletes
    • 3000 Technical and judges
    • 185 Nations participating
    • 25,000 Volunteers
    • 40000 Family
    • Thousands of spectators and journalists from around the world

    Where: Athens, Greece

    Sports : Special Olympics Athletes of all skill levels will compete in 22 disciplines: swimming, athletics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, bocce, bowling, cycling, horse riding, football, golf, gymnastics, judo, kayaking, weightlifting, skating , sailing, softball, table tennis, handball, tennis, volleyball.


  • Torch Run : The Olympic Torch, escorted by the police and accompanied by the International Special Olympics athletes, travels the world to celebrate the Summer World Games.
  • Host Town Program : in the days before the start of the Games – between 20 and 24 June – the delegations are housed in the 13 regions of Greece. This program offers hospitality to the Special Olympics athletes the opportunity to learn about local traditions, become familiar with new surroundings and is a time of integration and cultural exchange.
  • Opening Ceremony : June 25. The Olympic Stadium in Athens, where they celebrated the 2004 Olympics, is home to a dazzling spectacle of entertainment to kick off the Summer World Games.
  • Global Youth Summit : 4-day meeting that brings together young people with and without intellectual disabilities to discuss issues on education. The inaugural forum was held in 2001 during the Winter Games held in Anchorage, Alaska (USA), and was broadcast by Nickelodeon (Nick News). At the second Forum, held in Dublin on the occasion of the World Summer Games in 2003, Nelson Mandela participated with Colin Farrell and Maria Shriver. MTV passed it in the United Kingdom. The Youth Forum of the 2005 World Games in Nagano, Japan, was attended by over 300 Japanese youth and of ‘former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the show was aired on national television in Japan.
  • The Healthy Athletes Program : Volunteers provide medical specialists Athletes nvarietà a free screening of the highest quality.In the past, thanks to these screening were uncovered serious health problems untreated and athletes have learned to take care of themselves and make healthy choices.
  • Special Smiles : The program offers comprehensive screening apparatus oral donation of hygiene kits and moments of oral health education and prevention.
    • Opening Eyes Program optometric vision screening, designed to improve the quality of vision of people with intellectual disabilities, offers 18 non-invasive test visual custom, high quality (visual acuity, stereopsis, color vision, retinoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, refraction , etc.).. It also provides advice and information on prevention for all athletes, their families and sports coaches. \ \ \ \ N
    • Healthy Hearing : This program stems from the awareness that very often the hearing problems are identified in school age because of the strong relationship that may exist between learning disabilities and hearing impairment. In the case of a student with an intellectual disability, the symptoms become more complex by the emergence and the diagnosis becomes even more problematic. Through this program, the athletes are subjected to a series of audiological tests of high quality, divided into four screening stations: the first two “base” include cleaning of the ear canal and the Test of otoacoustic emissions (OAE), while the last two are more specific and provide the Tympanometer and audiometric testing. At the end of the screening are given ear plugs and other gadgets.
    • Health Promotion : Maintaining a good level of welfare is the primary goal of the program. By giving athletes the opportunity to measure their body mass, height and weight, is designed to provide advice on nutrition with a view to improve their sports performance.
    • Fit Feet: The program provides complete screening of the foot, using a platform that tests the support of the foot and identify areas of load is too high. After the screening, if it becomes necessary, corrective orthotics are prescribed and carried out emergency health interventions in order to allow the resumption of sporting activities. In addition, volunteers provide information to improve the foot health and opportunities for education for prevention.
    • FunFitness The program provides valuable tips to improve sports performance, prevent injury or muscle damage and perform tests to assess your posture and balance of athletes. Volunteers teach boys and technical exercises to improve posture and show their warm-up exercises, enhanced strength and muscular endurance.
  • Family Forum: the families of Special Olympics athletes will gather for three days to explore topics of common interest. The Forum is thus an opportunity to share ideas and exchange experiences, problems and solutions.
  • Closing Ceremony : July 4. An event to celebrate the talent of the athletes and officially close the Games taking place at the Marble Stadium in Athens, in the shadow of the Acropolis where they celebrated and the first modern Olympics in 1896

e 3 Magnifiche!!!


San Marino participates with a delegation of 29 athletes, 8 technicians, 3 and 2 AS Staff Delegates for a total of 42 people!
Italian athletes competing in the disciplines of Athletics, Bocce, Bowling, Football 7-unified, Gymnastics, Swimming


One Response to SO San Marino at the upcoming World Championships in Athens

  1. amina msefer says:

    Je suis la maman de loubna athlète du spécial olympics maroc.
    elle remporté plusieurs médailles en nation au maroc et à l’etranger NEW HAVEN et en CAROLINE DU NORD
    depuis loubna a perdu la vue mais elle participe toujours aux special olympics en natation.
    aujoud’hui elle a participé aux jeux regionaux du SO MAROC;

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