Swedish squad: Special Olympics World Summer Games 2011

Special Olympics fotbollThe squad

The Swedish squad for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2011 consists of athletes and leaders in eight different sports: swimming, athletics, basketball, bowling, horse riding, football (men and unified), golf and judo.

Some facts about the squad:
* There are a total of 86 people in the squad (which are not reserves included)
* Of these 86 are 45 men and 41 women
* The squad consists of 63 active and 23 leaders

Download the composition of the Swedish squad for the Special Olympics World Summer Games!

Here you can read the roles that exist within the squad.

Troop Leadership (also known as HOD and A-HOD)
Has overall responsibility for the Swedish squad and is also responsible for the planning of the Swedish participation, contacts with the contest organizer, etc.

Key Leaders
The person who has a key responsibility in a specific sport.

Responsible, together with the main leader of a specific sport.

Our contestants! An active can only be in one sport, but can participate in several disciplines within the sport.

Included in our football team’s unified. Within unified as competing individuals with and without intellectual disabilities together with each other.


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