The Greek international, artistic and sporting world embraces the Special Olympics

30 + 1 days before the Games begin in Hall 5 of the Zappeion, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 Gianna Despotopoulou and the Secretary of Health and Social Solidarity, responsible for sports nutrition and Mr. Chris Nightingale hosted a long all-inclusive press conference on the organization, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and all special events held in the Games.
The Minister confirmed once again the practical support of the state Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011.
Adjacent to the panel, the creator of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Evangelinos Mr. Fokas, who first revealed some aspects of the ceremonies, which will enjoy on 25 June and 4 July.Along with the creative team, composed by renowned Greek and international artists: the composer and music producer Stephen Korkolis the Elias Ledakis designer and costume Papageorgakopoulou Ellie, who spoke about the unique experience of preparing ceremonies. Furthermore, Alcestis Protopsalti, preacher volunteering, which will perform the song for Special Olympics.
Ms Gianna Despotopoulou announced the arrival of many of the important guests of the event, the big names of Olympic athletes and basketball, will participate in the program Unity Sports Events, and some of the artists who accepted with joy siding voluntarilyOpening and Closing Ceremonies.
Ms Despotopoulou said among other “Official guests are heads of state and dozens of prominent personalities, representatives of International Organizations. The Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, who for years sympathizes strongly in our struggle and a total of 17 Ministers of Sports and Culture of as many countries in the world. Also, the Commissioner of Sports and Culture of the European Union Mr. Androula Kingdom as a representative and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Olympic gold medalist and world champions to shine as Nadia Comaneci, the marathon runner Rosa Mota, the sprinter Pauline Davis-Thompson from the Bahamas, the American gold medalist in Rome dekathlitis Rafer Johnson, the NBA star Vlado Divac, Ntikempe Moutompo and James Worth. But a total of 43 family members Shriver and Kennedy, founders of the international movement of Special Olympics. During the Games, will be with us and the international Greek Arianna Chafingkton.

The opening of the Games will be opened by President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias. One of the hostesses of the Opening Ceremony will be the glamorous Vanessa Williams. Welcome to send, o Prime Minister George Papandreou, president of Special Olympics International Dr. Timothy Sraiver and myself, as Chairman of the Executive and Organizing Committee for the Games. The soundtrack of the evening will take the soul legend Stevie Wonder with the 9-member band and tenor Vittorio Grigol, who along with our Alcestis Protopsalti will perform live on world’s first transmission, specially written by Stephen Korkolis officialsong of the Games. While acting in the host pre-show part of the program and to specific sections of the official ceremony will take Kapoutzidis George and Maria Menounos.

Ms Despotopoulou touched on features and difficulties of the event:

“As the Steering and Executive Committee for the Games had to mobilize our inner fire, passion and our ingenuity to make things happen. And we feel really good that we managed to cover the 2 / 3 of the budget of the Games from sponsorship and contributions from our supporters. And the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are crafted with a sense of proportion, without losing anything from the magic and uniqueness. This is the only event of the Games, which requires the purchase of tickets. We invite all families to watch a show high standards while contributing to the movement of Special Olympics ».

He even specifically mentioned “in the commemorative series of stamps with themes that Special Olympics ELTA, in cooperation with the Organizing Committee will put into circulation and the monetary program of 2011 that the Treasury spent the Special Olympics World Games and Athens 2011. This program includes the publication and circulation of a two-euro coin and a number of special collector coins in gold and silver with the motto of Special Olympics ».

Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Creative Team:
Fokas Evangelinos Artistic Director of Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Artistic & Creative Director
Stefanos Korkolis, Music Producer & Composer
Elias Ledakis, Set designer & Production Designer
Ellie Papageorgakopoulou, Costume Designer
Olli Olman, Light Designer
Theodoros Grigoriadis writer, editor

Each athlete is a Ulysses

Guided by the principles and values ​​of the movement of Special Olympics – peace, respect for diversity, acceptance, inclusion and equality – will present a spectacle of high aesthetic and artistic value, using universal symbols. The primordial myth of Ulysses was chosen as the central theme of the opening ceremony. Entitled “Every athlete a Ulysses’ messages of courage, strength and hope to travel from the Marble throughout the world. The journey of our Odyssey is the hope of a departure for a new destination every human right and especially the athletes Special Olympics. Their journey, like Odysseus’s journey requires courage and patience.
The Odyssey is presented in fabulous version of that today – more than ever – we all need. Our Odysseus, the glittering opening ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 will highlight, through the most exciting adventure that inspired the human mind ever – the way of survival with dignity, acceptance and respect.
Our Odysseus is every athlete, every athlete is a Ulysses!

On the evening of July 4, 2011, 10 days later, will shine for the last time the lights of the festival. The feeling of satisfaction that generates complete an important mission will meet the smile of optimism and hope for the next day. The Panathenaic Stadium will come alive again by the emotion of the Closing Ceremony.

40 performers, Special Olympics athletes are the stars of the celebrations will be framed than 1,800 volunteer performers. Also 300 volunteers working in parts production.
Among the participating artists is Dimitris Lignadis, Maria Nafpliotou, Stefania Gouliotis, Alexandra Pavlidou, Michael Klapakis, Myrto Papathanassiou, Stamatis Kraounakis, the band America, the ONIRAMA, the Marissa Triandafyllidou the Eleanor Zouganeli .

Fokas Evangelinos said inter alia:
“As a creative artist and a member of a society of ever-more-needed joint action, solidarity and mutual participate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Panathenaic Stadium, festive celebrations surrounding the sports arm of Special Olympics, a very important event for our country.
The love and tenderness toward children has to work with them equally, with respect and care to give our best to cheer and inspiration to pass the message around the world that Special Olympics athletes can participate in society and gain the right to acceptance and hope. ”

You are all invited to this celebration of sport, culture and humanity.Tell you too, like the motto of the Games suggests, “I’m in!” And Join the Wonderful World of Winners!

– The Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 will be held from June 25 to July 4, 2011. The Games will bring together over 7,000 athletes and 2,500 coaches from 180 countries, 3,000 judges / referees, 40,000 family members of athletes, 25,000 volunteers and the event will cover 3,000 journalists from around the world.

– For more information
– / SpecialOlympicsWorldGames

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