Greek Society for Therapeutic Riding: Proud of their efforts

In the Greek team has three coaches. The coach’s first team is Maria Cup, physiotherapist – a coach-team responsible KE.TH.I.S (Therapeutic Riding Center of Serres). The team consists of athletes Nick Pagani 26 years old, who won the gold medal, Athanasios Kyrkoglou 17-year-old Panagiotis Polidi 10 years old. Nick Pagani and Athanasios Kyrkoglou participated in the 2007 Special Olympics in Shanghai, where they won the bronze medal and thanked Mrs. Despotopoulou, which offered them to the group. Coach of the second group is Ms. Capers Peace group responsible E.L.E.TH.I.P (Greek Society for Therapeutic Riding) based in the Mediterranean riding club (Koropi) and center Equestrian Marathon. Athlete of the same Dressage, responsible Paediatric Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Riding instructor takes over part of eight years with the team winning the Special Olympics of course the first place. At first the parents are reluctant tells us, however, then-and seeing the result, changed their minds. Coach of the third group is Ms. Stephanie Spyropoulos. Child Psychiatrist and therapeutic riding instructor in IP.P.O.S. (RIDING CLUB SIRIUS) for four years and eight years in Koropi. Athletes of Peter Spanidis (20 years old ranked fifth position), Panos Vassiliadis (20 year old 4th place) and Belgian Stefani 27 years (his father a Greek mother and an American) who took third place, state proud for their effort and thank the coach for support. Parents, says the coach is not at all hesitant about the choice of children. We must add that the athletes are free. Anastasia Matsinopoulou reviewer is horse racing and the 1999 National Judge in Dressage. The idea for the World Games Special Olympics 2011 is the best, the judges say they are satisfied as well as the contestants. Impression of how causes are bound athletes together and how high level the playing possessed. Finally, Mr. Matsinopoulou wishes to express his congratulations to the coaches of the athletes.


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