H Flame of Hope lit xix Pnyx on 9 June 2011 for the XIII Special Olympics World Summer Games


19 days before the Games 

World Summer Games Special Olympics 2011 – H Flame of Hope “lit in the Holy Rock Pnyx

On Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 11:40 a.m. exactly, the Holy Rock Pnyx presence of high guests from Greece and abroad, will ignite the Flame of Hope to illuminate the entire world with human values ​​and to convey the hope for a better world.

At 11.40, the high priestess Iliana Symeonidou, Athlete Special Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics, will deliver the flame to the President of the Organizing Committee of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 and she in turn, to the first Torchbearer Greek athletes, George Papadopoulos and Georgia Gerakaris.

Welcome to send the President of Special Olympics Hellas Gianna Despotopoulou, the representative of Prime Minister George Papandreou, Alternate Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr. Chytiris Telemachus, the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Philip Petsalnikos, Deputy Health and Social Solidarity, Mr. Chris Nightingale, the Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis the President of the International Committee of Special Olympics, Mr Timothy Sraiver Kennedy.

The coefficients


Alexis and John Costalas Stratigopoulos, Special Olympics Athlete
High priestess: Iliana Symeonidou, Athlete Special Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics
Priest: Athlitries of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Special Olympics Hellas
Members of the Lyceum of Greek Women
Members of the Dance School of Phocas Evangelinou
Artistic Director: Fokas Evangelinos
Choreography: Helen Psallida
Ceremony Coordinator: Diana Vasilakopoulou, Director of Special Olympics Greece

Shortly after, the international team of torchbearers will begin its journey, crossing first in front of the Acropolis, the Theatre Irodoy Atticus, the Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Greek Parliament and then Zappeion. On the morning of June 10, the Torchbearer will be divided into three groups and the journey of the Flame of Hope will begin.

The Flame of Hope to the World Games ATHENS 2011

In the traditional fashion of the Special Olympics, the flame will be carrying members of the group LETR, namely athletes Special Olympics, torch relay and 150 police officers from around the world, who are representing their country, act as guards of the Flame Hope.

H first route starts from Athens, and after crossing the Eastern Continental Greece and the Sporades islands, we reached the border nut on June 20, to go to Istanbul. During this ten-day course, the Flame of Hope will spend a total of 40 cities in Greece, where it will receive the local authorities in various ceremonies. In Istanbul, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the Special Olympics Turkey are preparing a warm welcome to the flame, which will pass through the major neighborhoods and sights of the city (Taksim Square, Galata Bridge, the Church of St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, etc.) and the next day, the Flame will welcome the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

The second route will cross the entire western Greece to the western borders, the Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese, where they pass from Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games.By this route the Flame of Hope will pass through 64 cities in 13 days.

The third route will depart for Cyprus. In Cyprus, the Torchbearer will spend two whole days, spreading the message of the Flame in all cities (Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia, etc) hosted by Special Olympics Cyprus. From there you will be directed through Athens to the Greek islands. In a period of 10 days, the Flame of Hope will visit more than 30 cities. On 21 June the group will visit the island of Rhodes, where we already hosted 15 International Shipping Athletes Special Olympics, as part of the City – Amphitryon. There, the flame, after passing the accommodation of the athletes will go to Lindos, where they held a special welcoming ceremony. On the afternoon of June 23, the Torchbearer will pass in front of important locations in the city of Rhodes, such as City Hall and the Old City to reach the Castle of Knights, where they held a grand ceremony in front of most athletes and officials of the Special Olympics, will be present there, especially for the event.

On June 24, all teams will join Torch Relay in Athens and will run ahead of the centers for athletes, which will take place in various events. At 18:30 the Flame of Hope will arrive at the Acropolis, where they will spend the night in front of the Erechtheion, honorably guarded by the Presidential Guard.

On June 25, the day of the Opening Ceremony, the Torchbearer will pass the Town Hall, where they will welcome the Mayor of Athens and then, after crossing the central parts of the city, will result in Marble Panathenaic Stadium, where the torch will be lit the altar officially marking the start of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011.

The design of the torch, which is made of aluminum in charcoal and gold color, a height of 50 cm and weighs approximately 1.6 pounds, have been combined from the house Zolotas two classic elements of Greek culture, the Ionic column, and the Meander -Symbol of Unity and Victory, a symbol of infinity, of eternal life, and emblem of the impossible according to Greek mythology.


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