LETR final leg 2011 Route 2 :The flame for the Special Olympics track and love in Preveza Parga

LETR final leg 2011 Route 2 : The Special Olympics Torch will welcome Preveza Monday, June 13 and Parga Thursday, June 16. The symbolism is sacred because it conveys the humanitarian values ​​of respect for diversity, solidarity and love for fellow man

Preveza in the Torch Relay, which will participate Prevezanou two tennis players, will begin Monday, June 13 at 10 am from the wheel hub and through the coastal road and the Eleftherios Venizelos Square Androutsou result.

At 10.15 will start the opening ceremony and will become the established greetings. At 11, the torchbearer will leave the square along the path Androutsou Spiliadou Street, Pan.Tsaldari, tax authority and Peace Avenue. At 11.20, the Flame of the top sporting event will take the road to the next station is Arta

The organizers would like to thank the citizens for their participation and support of the global single sporting event that will host our country from 25 June to 4 July, 7500 athletes from 185 countries.

Mayor Chris Preveza Bailis says the special joy for the Preveza will host the Flame and Torch Relay Spesial Olympics inviting them to participate in this unique event and applaud the supreme effort of the athletes to show that love Life can overcome any disability. .

Parga, the Torch Relay on Thursday July 16 will begin at 11:00 amthrough the 5th District Road (in front of the Deskeio School – School Parga).
At 11:15 will start the opening ceremony, which lasts 45 minutes and will contain the protocol greetings and musical performance by children of elementary school first Parga.

After the closing ceremony, the flame will travel through the King Street Feraiou (coastal road – Golf) for the next stop in the town of Nafpaktos. (12:00 pm – 12:15 pm)

Mayor Parga Athanasios Liolios expresses satisfaction that the town of Parga will host the flame and the Special Olympics Torch Relay and invite residents and visitors of the City to participate in this unique event and applaud the supreme effort of athletes who demonstrate that love for life can overcome all kinds of pervasive – developmental disorder. “You are all invited to this celebration of sport, culture and humanity. Join voices, and you the motto of the Games: “I’m in!” And Join the Wonderful World of Winners! “Says Mr. Liolios


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