Arrival of the Special Olympics Flame of Delphi , June 11, 2011

The Saturday, June 11, 2011, the flame of Hope comes to Delphi.

The Special Olympic Torch will arrive in Delphi around 14:45 in front of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.
-45 Torchbearer will carry the torch for 800 meters until the square “Lekaria” of Delphi.
Here, ritual 40-45 minutes to activate the altar to complete the events.
– The Association of Women Delphi is actively supporting the event and the city’s Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany the festive scene. -The departure (on foot) from the field events will take place around 15:50.

It’s another moment deserving of our sympathy in such a strong race of life and hope. The Public Session Delphi and of course the City of Delphi actively support this effort and invite all citizens to honor with their presence on such an important event for the city.

We wish all participants the best effort and the absolute joy of participation.


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