LETR τελικό σκέλος 2011 Διαδρομή 1: Η Φλόγα της Ελπίδας της 10ης Ιουνίου 2011tha ξεκίνησε την πορεία στην Αμάρυνθο Ερέτρια, Βασιλικό, Χαλκίδα.

Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011

With excitement and pride that we welcome in Evia, 10 June 2011, the Flame of Hope.

The Flame of Hope in Evia will start moving from Amarynthos with next stops: Eretria, Royal, Chalkis.

The symbolism is sacred because it conveys the humanitarian values ​​of respect for diversity, solidarity and love for fellow man.
The Flame will arrive in the host cities of Euboea, thanks to volunteers runner officers from around the world, will carry along with Special Olympics athletes and our children from Euboea. They are called Guardians of Hope and optimism for a better world and we thank them!

We expect our events!



09.40 – Opening Torch Relay in Amarynthos
– The starting point for the store DIA. Route: through the town 400 meters – culminating in Heroes Square.

09.50 – Little ceremony, lasting 5 Turning the altar
Welcome by the representative of the Mayor 3
09.55 – Closing Ceremony – Departure for Eretria


10.15 – Opening Torch Relay in Eretria
Starting point: Port. Itinerary: Port-avenue Amarissia Diana – ancient avenue Theatre – Archaeological Museum of Eretria
10.30 – Opening ceremony for 30. Outside the museum
– Turning the altar
– Anthem of the games (from cd)
– Welcome by the mayor Vassilis Velentzas 3 –
– Short speech professor Georgouli Mr Diamandis on “the contribution of the city of Eretria on the Olympic Flame ‘3
– Traditional dances of the cultural association “KANARIS” 10
– National Anthem (from cd)

11.00 – Closing ceremony

Check through the schools and the waterfront right up to boarding the bus to wait in the parking THEALOS ROYAL


11.30 – Opening Torch Relay at the Royal
Starting point: the Royal Mail – route through the town – 400 meters – arriving in taxi

11.40 – Little ceremony. Ceremony 20
– Turning the altar
– Welcome by the representative of the Mayor 3
– Presentation of Greek songs from local band 10


12.00 – Closing Ceremony – Departure CHALKIDA

Check Chalkis by Venizelos Avenue

12.15 – Opening Torch Relay in CHALKIDA
Route: Old bridge – coastal road Voudouris – Red House

12.30 – Opening ceremony – during 45 out of the Red House
– Turning the altar

– Oath-athletes

– Hymn-match from the Philharmonic, conducted by Mr Peter Prokou

– Address by the Metropolitan of Chalkis Evia and the Sporades North Chrysostomos 3 –

– Welcome the antiperifereiarchi Athanasios Burana 3 –

– Welcome by the mayor Athanasios Zempili 3

– Traditional Dances from Lyceum 10

– Dancing by the children of special Olympics 5

– Band municipality Chalkis 10

– National Anthem

13.15 – Closing ceremony


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