On Friday, June 10 arrival ceremony of the Special Olympics Flame of Loutraki

This year, Athens will host the biggest sporting event in the world, the World Games Special Olympics, to be held in Athens from June 25 to July 4, 2011.
In the period before the games, from June 9 to June 24, will be carrying the torch flame of hope in Greece, showing thus the importance of the games.

The arrival ceremony of the Special Olympics Flame of Loutraki, will be held Friday, June 10, 2011.

The program relay and flame arrival in the municipality are:

Saint Theodore

16:00 Opening Torch Relay in front of the hotel CHANIKIAN, run along the P.E.O.A.K., Direction to the Annunciation
16:30 Opening ceremony at Annunciation Square
16:45 End of ceremony. “Check out and run along the P.E.O.A.K.to train lines


20.15 Opening of the relay from the hotel PAOLO, National Resistance in the Aegean, the right beach, Avenue, Fountain Square.
20.30 Opening ceremony Fountain Square
21.30 End of ceremony. Departure from Fountain Square, Peace Park, Harbour, right Peace Park, John Lekkas to Niagara.

On the occasion of this event Logothetis Mayor Costas said:

We are very proud to welcome the flame of hope in our municipality. The symbolism is sacred because it conveys the humanitarian values ​​of respect for diversity, solidarity and love for fellow man.

Your presence at this event will help to achieve a common objective and sensitive global, and will also support a unique event for Special Olympics Games, hosted in our country


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