On Friday, June 10 to welcome the Flame in Livadia

On Friday, June 10 with emotion and pride that we welcome the Municipality of Levadia Flame of Hope. The symbolism is sacred.
The Flame of Hope delivers humanitarian values ​​of respect for diversity, solidarity and love for fellow man. The flame arrives in the city thanks to our volunteers runner officers from around the world was brought together with the Special Olympics athletes and our children from special schools in the region mas.Efcharistoume the Guardians of Hope and optimism for a better world.
The Municipality of Levadia recognizing the value of life actively involved in the celebration. We are waiting on events.


The program is as follows:
19:30 Opening Torch Relay at Chaeronea
Travel from entering the city to a point in front of Lions

19:45 Opening Ceremony.

20:15 Closing Ceremony

20:50 Opening Torch Relay in Livadia
Course: D. Papaspyrou – Pedestrian – Central Square

21:00 Opening Ceremony

22:00 Closing Ceremony

Check through Karagiannopoulou – Andreadaki Square – L. Katsoni

Read more: http://permisospress.blogspot.com/2011/06/10_8281.html # ixzz1OuB2mgfJ


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