The “Flame of Hope” will travel to the Karditsa, on Monday 13 June

As the date of the Special Olympics Athens 2011 approaches, the Organising Committee has raised rates, so everything is ready for this glorious celebration, which will participate in Karditsa.


The Ceremony of the Flame of Hope for the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 will take place along the lines touch the Olympic Games. The “Flame of Hope” will travel carrying the message of the Games and will return to Athens to illuminate the altar at the Panathenaic Stadium Panathenaic to mark the official opening of the Games. As far as the torch was designed by the firm Zolotas combines two classic elements of Greek culture, meander and the Ionic column. A torch jewelry designed by Greek spirit in modern cutting. The torch, carbon and gold, a height of 50 cm, weight about 1.6 kilos and was constructed of aluminum.
Ancient Greek ornament, fret, is a symbol of victory and unity, a symbol of infinity, of eternal life, and emblem of the impossible according to Greek mythology. With this powerful symbol of the Flame of Hope will cross five continents, carrying a message of peace, reconciliation and hope.
Program «Host Town» 
With the program “Host Town” to be held from 20 to 24 June 2011 is an integral part of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens 2011 athletes who will come to Greece and the Greek citizens is an opportunity to learn more on the individual skills and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. Before the official opening of the Games in Athens, International Shipping will be hosted for four days, and 13 administrative regions of Greece.
Through a series of sporting, cultural and artistic events, Special Olympics athletes from more than 185 countries will have the unique opportunity to spend time in towns and islands of Greece, to adapt to a new environment, learn the manners and customs of each region and to practice in their sports before their games.
 The program «Host Town» there will be an exciting experience just for athletes.
It is an experience rich in emotions for all communities to participate in the program. The triumph of will and strength of the effort, basic principles of the Games will be broadcast in every corner of Greece. As each city will open its doors to welcome Special Olympics athletes from around the world a message of hope and optimism will fill the hearts of us all. Nearly 10,000 athletes and coaches, members of the International Mission Special Olympics, will be hosted simultaneously in towns and islands across the country, in order, leaving Greece, the luggage is full of the virtues on which famous location, service, courtesy, kindness and warm hospitality.

The arrival of the Flame of Hope for the Special Olympics in Karditsa will be held on Monday 13 / 6. The full schedule is as follows:
11:15 a.m. – Start relay. Route: Pl Plastira – Pedestrian tricks – Central Square
11:30 a.m. – Opening ceremony. Ceremony 45 minutes
12:15 p.m. – Closing ceremony.
 Check through pedestrian and tricks at the end of the street are parked the bus for transportation to a restaurant for lunch
For smooth functioning and security of the Torch Relay has been tasked by the Police which will take the necessary steps in each city.

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