Chalkida opened her heart to Special Olympics

Η Ολυμπιονίκης, Ειρήνη ΑϊνδιλήThe Flame of Hope was lit today in the city of Chalcis, in an atmosphere of excitement and pride. Chalkis, as citizens – Amphitryon, welcomed the athletes from all over the world who will attend the Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011.

Chalkis opens the door of City
and heart, of athletes
and the message of the Special Olympics

The Municipality of Chalkis participating in the City, Amphitryon, is aiming to become rich experience feelings about the local community. The athletes of Special Olympics represent the ideal of athletic rivalry, the militancy and the removal of discrimination against a portion of the population with mental disabilities.Opening the door of our municipality to be welcome around the world, the triumph of will and strength exercise, the principles of the Games, we hope to spread a message of hope and optimism in our hearts.

On Friday, took the torch from Amarynthos in Chalkis, culminating in the Red House, in an atmosphere of excitement and pride for the athletes.

With a small delay in the program of the torch relay, but with excellent organization of regional units of Evia and the municipalities of Chalcis and Eretria, and of course the considerable assistance of volunteers, our city greeted the athletes and the flame of hope which kindled in Red House front, side events to plaisonoun welcome.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the City of Chalcis, under the direction of conductor Peter Prokou played the anthem of the Special Olympics, while parts of the Lyceum of Greek Women danced traditional dances.

Greetings were delivered by Antiperifereiarchis Evia, Thanasis Burano, Mayor Chalkis, Thanassis Zempilis, Archimandrite, Timothy Baimpakis and of course our Olympic, Peace Aindili.

School children and their teachers were in the Red House to welcome the dispatch of the athletes and the Flame of Hope. The atmosphere that prevailed was very touching and hopeful that no one is alone, but we are all together!


Chalkis be accommodated (accommodation and full board) 4 Foreign Missions, with a total of 135 people.
Shipments from Malta -63 athletes and escorts-3, -12 Islands Barbados athletes and escorts-3 and the U.S. Virgin Islands 2 -20 athletes and escorts, will have accommodation in hotel «Pelagos».
The mission of Croatia -29 athletes and accompanying 3-will have accommodation in hotel «Almira Mare».
The missions of Croatia and the U.S. Virgin Islands will arrive Sunday, June 19, while shipments of Malta and the Islands Barbados Monday, June 20. All shipments will leave (for Camp St. Andrew Attica will host the period of the Games) Friday, June 24.

During their stay, members of foreign missions will be available for training, sports facilities of the Municipality of Chalkis.


MONDAY, JUNE 20, 10 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon:
-Guided tours in the Archaeological Museum, the Christian church of Agia Paraskevi, the Folk Museum, the Ottoman mosque and drawer Bridge Evripos (with presentation of the tidal phenomenon)

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 7 pm to 9 pm:
-Visits by members of the Local Organizing Committee for the missions in hotels and holidays to welcome the athletes of Special Olympics Evia, Dancing with the clubs ‘t’ Alonaki “and” Law. Stasis ”

TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 10 am to 2 pm:
-Look around the city center (possibly with the tourist train)
“And a visit to the exhibition of Glamour Pettas and primary school children in the city, the” Red House ”

TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 8:30 in the evening:
Official welcoming ceremony, all the missions (and India will dismantle Eretria) Castle Karababa by monitoring a colorful musical performance from the “Magic spinners, with the participation of the Choir Dimitris Typaldos, actors, dancers come alive in scene with a dreamy way the music and songs.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 10:30 am to 1 after noon:
-Painting and fun with other children at the Laboratory of Art and the square of St. Demetrius

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 8:30 in the evening:
Follow-dance event of the Lyceum, in the garden of ‘Home with’ Statues’

THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 10 am to 1 after noon:
-Tour the Monastery of St. George CHARIOT, leaves and fun games with the participation of Scouts and Guides

THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 8:30 in the evening:
-Farewell evening at “Red House” with a concert by the Orchestra of the City Variety Music, under the direction of conductor Peter Prokou and dance theater “Path of Hope”, choreographed by Andrew Kolisoglou, expressive movements of the Group of the Association “Man-Hope -Culture


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