In Heraklion will arrive next Wednesday at 20.00, the Flame of Hope and optimism.

Στην Κρήτη η Φλόγα της ΕλπίδαςIn Heraklion will arrive next Wednesday at 20.00, the Flame of Hope and optimism.

At the same place where seven years ago, the city welcomed the Olympic flame in 2004 in Freedom Square in front of the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, will now receive the Flame of Hope.

The symbolism of the Flame of Hope is sacred because it conveys the humanitarian values ​​of respect for diversity, solidarity and love for fellow man.

The Flame will arrive in Heraklion, thanks to our volunteers runner officers from around the world who will carry it along with Special Olympics athletes and children from local schools who are “called” Guardians of Hope and Optimism!

The Flame of Hope for the World Games was lit in Athens 2011 Sacred Hill Pnyx on June 9, 2011 and from there began her journey by one, until the other side of Greece, moving around the world the message of the Games.

The journey of the Flame in Crete will start from Chania, on Monday morning and the start of the torch relay will take place from Kastelli Kissamos. The Flame will be Wednesday at Heraklion and this path of love will end Friday, June 24 in Athens, where the Torchbearer will carry the Flame of Hope to all the cultural monuments of the capital.

At the end of the journey, the flame will stay overnight in the Sacred Rock of Acropolis, the front of the Parthenon, with an honor guard, according to Olympic standards – Evzoni the Presidential Guard.



START: HALL SQUARE / SQUARE BUS EFESOY ð ð ð AVENUE IKAROU SA ð ð FREEDOM SQUARE STATUE Venizelos – CEREMONY – ð ð JUSTICE Lion Square Town Hall Loggia ð ð ð twenty-SQUARE THURSDAY, AUGUST 18 English (after transfer by bus to the hotel).


The Games will bring together over 7,000 athletes and 2,500 coaches from 180 countries, 3,000 judges / referees, 40,000 family members of athletes, 25,000 volunteers and the organization will cover hundreds of journalists from around the world.


Reception of flame of hope “Special Olympics Athens 2011”

Wednesday, June 15, Liberty Square (At 20:00 – 21:00)

20:00 :Start relay from Square Bus Eastern Crete (Coastal)

20:15 : Check-in Flame of Hope Liberty Square (Statue of Venizelos)

20:18 : Conveying Flame of Hope in the name of ¨ Special Olympics Athens 2011 ¨
20:20 : National anthem and hoist the Greek flag

20:25 : Mayor of Heraklion Mr. John Kourakis

20:30 : Welcome Organizing Committee Representative ¨ Special Olympics Athens 2011 ¨
20:35 : Traditional dances: The Lyceum – Annex Heraklion

21:00: Leaving Flame of Hope

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