In the south the Flame of Hope welcomes Wednesday, June 15 noon municipality Phaistos, in Angles and Tymbaki.

The flame of the Special Olympics …
Τhe flame of hope greets Wednesday, June 15 noon municipality Phaistos, in Angles and Tymbaki. In the municipality of Phaistos reach 45 athletes of the Paralympic Games and will host special events materialize.

Reception of the flame will be held at 12:30 noon Wednesday at the town hall Phaistos Mires, where after chairetimo will exchange gifts will be held and traditional music event in 12:45.
At 13.30, the Flame of Hope will arrive in Timbaki where there is organized reception and then guests will be presented meal in the Red Tower.

The Flame of Hope for the World Games Athens 2011 (25 June-4 July) was lit in the Holy Hill Pnyx on June 9, 2011 and from there began her journey by one, until the other side of Greece, moving around the world message of the Games.
The wonderful journey of love will end Friday, June 24 in Athens, where the Torchbearer will carry the Flame of Hope to all the cultural monuments of the capital. At the end of the journey, the flame will stay overni

ght in the Sacred Rock of Acropolis, the front of the Parthenon, with an honor guard, according to Olympic standards – Evzoni

the Presidential Guard.

These days, in parallel, runs the program Amfitrion, whereby cities throughout Greece will host foreign athletes of Special Olympics, to between 20 and 24 June. The feverish preparations everywhere, with a single

goal: to offer an experience of warmth to the children of Special


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