The Olympic flame will come to Zakynthos from Kefalonia on June 18

Heightened preparations for organizing the “Special Olympics” and a host of athletes with disabilities who will reach the island from South Africa, Togo, Afghanistan, Portugal, Qatar and Guyana, while the total number amounts to 230 people.

The opening event will mark the arrival of the Olympic Flame of Hope will take place on June 18 and the planned torch relay is one of the major events of World Games aims to spread the message and principles of the movement of Spacial Olympics.
The Olympic flame will come to Zakynthos to Kefalonia from June 18 to 55 police escorts, the best in the world. Also attached to the flame and 3 athletes SPECIAL OLYMPICS.
From Saint Nicholas Volimon the flame and the whole delegation will visit the bus Alikes, where the torch relay will be the officers and athletes on the main road. The delegation then visited Tsilivi and Laganas after which follow the same procedure.
The evening start the torch relay in the city will become the Port Authority and will continue throughout the coastal path with endpoint Piazza San Marco. There will be at the altar where they will receive the Olympic flame .
In Greece, will host this month to the Games, the program is to transfer Torch Flame of Hope more than 40 city. Starting from Alexandroupolis, Ioannina and the island will spread the message of the Games and the beginning of the movement of Special Olympics, creating excitement for the upcoming matches, and on 23 June, the flame will unite all the tracks in Rhodes. In Athens, will return on June 25 which will mark the official opening of the Games.
“Because we believe in fact a unique opportunity for raising all of us, and in view of the culture of our island, we appeal to all Zakynthos as well as our visitors and invite them to wear athletic clothes to follow package or individually local routes of the Flame and participate in events.
All volunteers participating in this effort is believed to help in the understanding of the untapped potential of people with intellectual disabilities who are entitled to a place in everyday social activities, “the organizing committee.
The program
Agios Nikolaos Volimon: 9.15 arrival Flame Pesada
Alikes: 10.15 – 10.30, 500 meters to main street
Tsilivi: 11.00 – 11.45, 1,400 m on the main road (starting from the front of ‘Zubiter Hotel Stadium)
Laganas: 12.30 – 13.00, 500 m on the main street – beach
City: 20.15 – 21.40, 1,400 m on the coast (starting outside the Church of St. Dionysios) – Solomos Square. Check out Avenue through the Republic – OTE – beach – beach EOT.


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