More Travel Tips for Greece…..

Thanks to our friends at Special Olympics Illinois and the Chicago Hellenic Museum Greece for this information.

• Difference 8 hours CST.
• Greece uses Military time.

• 80-95 F
• Dry not humid
• Sun is very strong. Sunscreen is a must and apply often.
• Drink lots of water.

• Rhodes – English is spoken
Attempt to speak Greek language as a sign of respect.
• Signage is in Greek and English.

• Family oriented
• Hospitality is very important.
• Relaxed
• Time schedules not always exact.
• Trusting. One’s word is golden.

• Exchange at airport or any bank.  Euros are used.
• Carry a small amount of cash – less than $50.00.
• Vendors will ask how you are paying. Prices go down with cash.
• Credit cards will be charged an extra 1-2%.  Visa or Master Card best. Not Discover
• ATM’s are plentiful. Usage charge $3.00

• Small purses
• Nothing in back pockets
• Carry passport at all times
• Make multiple copies of passport – keep one at home and place 1 in each piece of luggage.
• Emergency: Dial 100 ( = our 911)
• Pharmacies have green cross signs
• Pick up “Athens Guide” free little magazine at hotels. Contains maps and restaurant information.
• Rail system – 3 Euros for a day pass.
• 220 volt   use 1600 watt  transformer.   Round plugs use on appliances.
• Traffic bad around 14:00 PM

• Purchase prepaid cell phones.
• Minutes on Greek prepaid phones are not used on incoming calls.
• Use Cosmote Phone system ( like our AT&T)
• Check international card packages for hidden charges.
• Calling cards may be used.

• Tip and tax  included on bill.
• Beef is tough and not often served.
• Pork is the main meat
• Waiters will not interrupt the meal once it is served. Raise your hand for service.
• Served family style. Salad and bread placed in center of table and everyone shares.
• Sandwiches are served with fries wrapped in the sandwich.
• Seafood, pork chops and shish-kabobs are excellent.

• Breakfasts:  Light meal. Honey main topping, yogurt, fruit.
• Main meal 14:00 PM. (2:00 PM)
• Evening meal – 20:00PM

• Bring comfortable non-slip shoes. Lots of marble steps and walkways which gets slippery when wet.
• Cotton or dry-fit material.
• Windbreaker
• Casual clothes, no need for ties or sport coats.

• Businesses open Daily – 9:00 AM -14:00 PM
Also: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 17:00 PM -20:00 PM
• Quiet hour 14:00 pm – 17:00 PM – Family time
• Kiosks on every corner.  ½ of water 50 cents

Tourist sites:
• Visit in the morning before the heat of the day.
• Open 9:00 AM – 14:00 PM and 17:00 PM – 23:00PM

• NW Suburb of City Center – Omonoia – Stay to main street and take cab at night.
• Nothing in back pockets.


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