Medical Information for Greece – USA


Members of Team USA must fill out an updated medical form, regardless if your information has changed.

Please bring this with you to the hotel in Baltimore. PRESCRIPTIONS Athletes and coaches need to plan to be on an 8am (breakfast), 12pm (lunch), 4pm (dinner) and 8pm (evening or bedtime) med schedule by the time they arrive in Baltimore.

This will make sure everyone is able to check-in at “med times.” We will err on the side of slightly over-medicating while getting everyone on Greek time asap, but is better than the alternative of under-medicating, especially with seizure meds.

For the very few athletes/coaches who are on insulin, Dr. Whitt will meet with them in Baltimore to adjust their meds prior to departure.

Any athletes or coaches with questions may contact Dr. Whitt prior to leaving Baltimore. L. Janelle Whitt, D.O. Medical Director – OU Tulsa Community Health/Bedlam Medical Director – OU Tulsa PA Program


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