OPAP: Animation of the athletes of Special Olympics

A wide and varied entertainment program for guests, 7,000 athletes from 180 countries who have already started to arrive in our country to participate in the 13th Summer Games Special Olympics, prepared by OPAP SA

According to the announcement, tomorrow and throughout the duration of the Games, athletes who are accommodated in the villages of Special Olympics will have the opportunity to participate in group interactive games, create music group and participate in a talent show Special Olympics Idol, to attend concerts by young pop group and having fun at party DJ. Throughout the course of events the athletes will have the chance to taste ice cream will distribute classical pagotatzides traditional ice cream carts, which sometimes circulated in Athens.

In places the events guests will welcome groups of performers street theater (mimes and stilt walkers), who will accompany and guide throughout the course of events. The presentation of the program, which will be in four languages ​​(Greek, English, French and Spanish) who experienced presenters.

The schedule of entertainment events begins tomorrow and is as follows:

Host Town Program
Wednesday, June 22 Golden Coast Hotel
Thursday, June 23 Army Camp in San Andreas

Games Time
Wednesday, June 29 Camp Airways to San Andreas
Thursday, June 30 Camp Ministry of Health in San Andreas (there will be transferred and athletes from other nearby camps of the Ministry of Education and the Police)
Friday, July 1 Army Camp in San Andreas
Saturday, July 2 Camp Athens Municipality in San Andreas
Sunday, July 3 Hotel Golden Coast.

The events will take place in the afternoons and duration will be five hours and in particular between 17:00 and 22:00. Specifically, on the program details were provided:


• Interactive Game Group:
Athletes are divided into groups and asked to handle a range of activities with creativity, imagination and teamwork. The judges of the game determine the winners

• Special Olympics Idol:
Athletes at the instigation of the presenters are invited to create musical groups (up to 5 people per group), choose a name for the group and song that will perform. Just fill in all the groups started the talent show Special Olympics Idol where contestants sing Karaoke with the help of a jury voted the best.

Each event is a concert of a young pop group that will perform well-known hits and some own songs. The group is the Red Carpets (22,23 June), C-Real (29,30 June) and émigré (1,2,3 July). The concerts will last one hour.

DJ Party:
The events culminating each night with a DJ dance party with hits from around the world and of course the participation of all athletes of each Camp.


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