YESTERDAY IN CHANIA : welcome Special Olympics athletes

Message of solidarity sent yesterday bodies of Hania, who greeted athletes, coaches and players who will participate in Special Olympics in Athens.
As part of their host athletes admitted to events in Municipalities of Chania.
The first event took place yesterday evening at Maleme. The event was organized by the Municipality of Platanias in collaboration with the Regional Unit in Chania Property ‘Alkion’ Maleme.
Speaking of the mayor Platania, John Malandrakis said that “the participation of the municipality wants to show solidarity and respect.” The Regional Director Kontaxakis stressed that sport unites.

Today, athletes will visit at 10 am at the Botanical Park of Crete, while at 8.30 pm will attend a cultural event in their honor, organized by the Municipality Apokoronou in collaboration with the Regional Section of Chania in the courtyard of the school.


Tomorrow we will visit the multiplex entertainment ‘Mega Place’, in the waste Sudan and 8 pm will be attended musical event of the Regional Section of Chania and the Municipality of Chania on the pitch of the Apostles.


Finally, Thursday, June 23 program includes training at the National Stadium of Chania, Chania Swimming in Indoor Kladisou and on site ‘Eria Resort’ (depending on the sport) and walk to the Venetian port of Chania and then visit the graves Venizelos.

Noted that overall the matches will take place from 25 June to 4 July in Athens with the participation of 7,000 Special Olympics athletes from 180 countries will compete in 22 Olympic-type sports.

As stated in the website of the Games, the Special Olympics World Games is the premier event in the long course of a worldwide movement founded in 1968 by a great woman, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, that he devoted his life to implement a global vision.

Creating a society that’s defined by those who are excluded, but those covered


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