List of Celebrities and Dignitaries attending the Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011

The following Celebrities and Dignities will be attending the Special Olympics World Summer Games:

Heads of State and Heads of Government

His All Holiness Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch

His Excellency Dr. Karolos Papoulias, Hellenic Republic, President

His Excellency George Papandreou, Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Lenin Moreno, Republic of Ecuador, Vice President

First Ladies

Her Excellency Anna Komorowska, Republic of Poland, First Lady

Her Excellency Tueta Topi, Republic of Albania, First Lady


Her Serene Highness Princess Nora, Principality of Liechtenstein

Minister Level Guests

His Excellency Salim AlJufri, Republic of Indonesia, Minister of Social Affairs

His Excellency Fabio Berardi, Republic of San Marino, Minister of Sport

His Excellency Dr. Christoph Bergner, Federal Republic of Germany, Ministry of the Interior, Parliamentary State Secretary

His Excellency Faustin Diatta, Republic of Senegal, Minister of Sport and Recreation

Her Excellency Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves, Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, Minister of Social Solidarity

His Excellency Adam Giersz, Republic of Poland, Minister of Sports and Tourism

Her Excellency Gitta Lampersbach, Federal Republic of Germany, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Minister, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Participation of Disabled People

Her Excellency Jan McLucas, Commonwealth of Australia, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers

His Excellency Miguel Marques Manetelu, Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, Minister of Sports

His Excellency Paulo Reichardt, Republic of Paraguay, Minister of Sports

His Excellency Michael Ring, Republic of Ireland, Minister of Tourism

Her Excellency Edith Schippers, The Netherlands, Minister of Sport

Her Excellency Androulla Vassiliou, European Commission, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism & Youth

Other Government Leaders

Mr. Juan Andrade, Fuerza Publica de Costa Rica, Director General Οργανωτική – Εκτελεστική Επιτροπή Παγκοσμίων Αγώνων Special Olympics – Αθήνα 2011 Τηλ.: 211 2011 000 Fax: 211 2011 111, Διεύθσνζη: Τ.Θ 2011, 11510, Κηήριο Ιππαζίας Πάρκο Γοσδή, Αθήνα, e-mail: URL:

His Excellency Ambassador Luis Gallegos, Chairman of the Global UN Partnership for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies

Mr. Chris Heaton-Harris, Parliament of the United Kingdom, Member

Mr. Jin Sun KIM, Republic of Korea, Special Envoy of the President

Mr. Thomas LaCrosse, United States Department of Defense, Director, Defense Support for Civilian Authorities

Mr. Wilfred Lemke, United Nations, Special Advisor on Sport for Development and Peace

Mr. Byoung-soo LIM, 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games

Hon. James Munson, The Parliament of Canada, Senator

Mr. PARK Sunkyoo , Republic of Korea, 2nd Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism

Mr. PARK Eun Soo, National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Congressman

Ms. Alexa Posny, U.S. Department of Education, Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Mrs. Elzbieta Radziszewska, Republic of Poland, Undersecretary of State, Commissioner of Equal Treatment

Mrs. Monica Sequeira, State of Rio de Janeiro, Undersecretary of Sport and Leisure

Mr. Pohamba Shifeta, Republic of Namibia, Deputy Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture

Mr. Romario de Souza Faria, Republic of Brazil, Member, Chamber of Deputies, Former professional futbol player

Ms. Marina Tomilova, Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth, Head of State Policy Department

Mr. Vong Iao Lek, Macau Sports Development Board, President

Mr. Zhao Tai tong, Shanghai Provincial Government, Vice Chairman

Mr. Chunbin Huang, Shenzhen Disabled Person’s Federation, Vice President

Former Government Leaders

His Excellency Lech Walesa, Republic of Poland, Former President

Her Excellency Lady Olebile Masire, Republic of Botswana, Former First Lady

Her Excellency Jolanta Kwasniewski, Republic of Poland, Former First Lady

Hon. Elizabeth Bagley, Former United States Ambassador to Portugal

Ambassadors to the Hellenic Republic

Her Excellency Ambassador Houda Al Houmsi, Ambassador of Syria to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador Raed Abdullah Al Rifae, Ambassador of Kuwait to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador Lorenzo Amberg, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador Ivo Armenko, Ambassador of Montenegro to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador George Ciamba, Ambassador of Romania to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Dr. Michael Linhart, Ambassador of Austria to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador Charles Sheehan, Ambassador of Ireland to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador Cornelis van Rij, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Hellenic Republic

His Excellency Ambassador Roland Wegener, Ambassador of Germany to the Hellenic Republic

SOI Board of Directors and Leadership

Prof. William Alford, Harvard Law School, Vice Dean for the Graduate

Mr. Edward Barbanell, Actor, “The Ringer”

Mr. Stephen Carter, Superior Essex, Inc., Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fernando Ceballos Chacon, Special Olympics Honduras, President

Ms. Loretta Claiborne, Special Olympics International, Board Director Mr. Bart Conner, Perfect 10 Productions, Inc.

Ms. Nadia Comaneci, Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medalist

Ms. Donna de Varona, Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist & Sportscaster

Dr. Elisabeth M. Dykens, PhD, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Director Οργανωτική – Εκτελεστική Επιτροπή Παγκοσμίων Αγώνων Special Olympics – Αθήνα 2011 Τηλ.: 211 2011 000 Fax: 211 2011 111, Διεύθσνζη: Τ.Θ 2011, 11510, Κηήριο Ιππαζίας Πάρκο Γοσδή, Αθήνα, e-mail: URL:

Mr. Jay Emmett, Redwood Productions, President

Ms. Yolanda Eleta de Varela, Special Olympics Panama, President

Mr. Kevin Farr, Mattel, Inc., Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Anne M. Finucane, Bank of America, Chief Marketing Officer & President of the Northeast

Mr. Muhtar Kent, The Coca-Cola Company, Chairman and CEO

Mr. Ossie Kilkenny, O.J. Kilkenny & Company, Founder

Ms. Michelle Kwan, Olympic Figure Skating Medalist

Mr. Raymond Lane, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Managing Partner

Mr. Larry Lucchino, Boston Red Sox, President and CEO

Mr. Brady Lum, Special Olympics, President and Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Katie Mitic, Facebook, Platform Marketing

Mr. Angelo Moratti, Saras S.p.A., Vice Chairman

Dr. Andrey Pavlov, Ministry of Science & Technologies

Mr. Samuel Perkins, NBA Player Consultant and Olympic Gold Medalist

Ms. Kim Samuel-Johnson, The Samuel Group

Ms. Maria Shriver, Former First Lady of California

Dr. Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics, Chairman and CEO

Hon. Vivian Torrijos, Former First Lady, Republic of Panama

Mr. JIA Yong, Special Olympics China, Executive Chairman; IAC-East Asia Representative

Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011 Games Organizing Committee Leadership

Mrs. Joana Despotopoulou, Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011, President

Celebrities and Dignitaries

Mr. Mario Ancic, Former Professional tennis player

Mr. Arthur Antunes Coimbra, Professional futbol player

Ms. Yuko Arimori, Special Olympics Nippon, President and CEO

Ms. Roberta Armani, Georgio Armani S.p.a, Designer

Ms. Adriana Behar, Volleyball player

Mr. Daniel Dea Kim, Actor

Ms. Brooklyn Decker, Model and Actress

Ms. Anita DeFrantz, LA84 Foundation, President

Mr. Vlade Divac, Serbian National Olympic Committee, President

Mr. Dick Ebersol, NBC Universal Sports and Olympics, Chairman

Mr. Hussein Fahmy, Actor

Mr. Frankie Fredericks, Frank Fredericks Foundation, Founder

Mr. Vanja Grbic, the 2x Olympian and 2000 gold medalist from Serbia

Mr. Vittorio Grigolo, Tenor

Mr. Tom Hoff, Captain of Olympic Gold Medal Winning team 2009

Ms. Vicki Iovine, Writer/Model/AVSC Co-Founder

Mr. Joe Jonas, Musician

Ms. Maria Menounos, Actress, journalist, and television presenter

Ms. Riyo Mori, Former Miss Universe

Ms. Rosa Mota, Olympic Gold Medalist marathon runner Mr. Dikembe Mutombo, Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Inc., Former Professional Basketball Player and Founder

Mr. Edwin Moses, Laureus World Sports Academy, Chairman

Mr. John Naber, Olympics Swimming Gold Medalist Οργανωτική – Εκτελεστική Επιτροπή Παγκοσμίων Αγώνων Special Olympics – Αθήνα 2011 Τηλ.: 211 2011 000 Fax: 211 2011 111, Διεύθσνζη: Τ.Θ 2011, 11510, Κηήριο Ιππαζίας Πάρκο Γοσδή, Αθήνα, e-mail: URL:

Mr. Apollo Anton Ohno, Olympic Speekskating Gold Medalist

Ms. Alkistis Protopsalit, Heralds of Volunteerism Athens 2011, Performer

Mr. Lucas Radebe, Former professional futbol player

Ms. Cara Raether, United States Olympic Equestrian team

Ms. Susan Saint James, Hi-Q Productions

Ms. Nicole Scherzinger, Musician

Ms. Vanessa Williams, Actress and Recording Artist

The Wonder Girls, Music Group – Ms. Min Seonye, Singer, Ms. Park Ye Eun, Singer, Ms. Kim Yoo Bin, Singer, Ms. An Sohee, Singer, Ms. Christina Woo, Singer

Mr. Stevie Wonder, Musician

Mr. Yao Ming, NBA Allstar, Global Ambassador

Ms. ZHANG Ziyi, Actress, Global Ambassador

Donors and Supporters

Mr. Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Records, President and CEO

Mr. Paul Brown, Hilton Worldwide, President, Global Brands & Commercial Services

Mr. Richard Corman, Richard Corman Studios, Photographer

Mrs. Mary Davis, Special Olympics World Summer Games IRELAND 2003, Former President

Dr. SHI Derong, Shanghai Guo Sheng Group, Chairman of the Board

Ms. Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post, Founder

Air Marshall Denzil Keelor, Special Olympics Bharat, Chairman

Mr. Anthony Lake, UNICEF, Executive Director

Mrs. YANG Lan, Sun Culture Foundation, Chairwoman

Mr. Andrew Liveris, The Dow Chemical Company, President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Grant McLaughlin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Vice President

Mr. Apolo Ohno, Speed Skating Gold Medalist

Mr. Andrew Rzepa, Gallup

Sport Governing Bodies

Mr. Federico Addiechi, FIFA, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Mr. Kevin Dornberger, World Ten Pin Bowling Association, President

Mr. Alan Ferguson, International Powerlifting Association, President

Mr. Harold Mayne-Nicholls, Chilean Football Federation, President

Mr. Nicholas Leoz, CONMEBOL, President

Mr. Donald Porter, International Softball Federation, President

Mr. Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee, President

Dr. Walther Tröger, International Olympic Committee, Member & Honorary President, German Olympic Committee va

Shriver/Kennedy Family

Mr. Anthony Shriver, Best Buddies International, Founder and Chairman

Hon. Mark Shriver, Save the Children, Vice President and Managing Director, U.S. Programs

Hon. Robert Shriver, Mayor, City of Santa Monica, California


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