Good start XIII Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens

XIII Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011 is no longer present after fifteen whole days, the flame of Hope back to Athena passing Last night the lamps of Achaian League of Culture in the retention of the Presidential Guard of the Acropolis where on June 25 to arrive at the Panathenaic Stadium in the area in 1896 were postponed by the Frenchman Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the first modern Olympic Games in 2011 now historic year all of us the Volunteers and Athletes a piece of history of the World Special Olympics movement for people with intellectual disabilities in the country for first time the universal values ​​of the Olympic Ideal.

The Olympic ideal is from ancient times, the essence of the Olympic Games. The concepts of participation, purity, peace, sportsmanship, effort, regardless of whether the excess current in our day have forgotten poles reasons that are appropriate to anatharro now been forgotten, fortunately shoulder to hold the World Summer Games Special the Olympics is alive but nothing else flesh features the president of the International Special Olympics Timothy Sraiver declaration ceremony was the lighting of the “Flame of Hope” for the 8th World Winter Games Special Olympics, which took place in Idaho USA, from 3 to 14 February 2009

“” We celebrate the idea that the human spirit knows no bounds, as well as the idea that divisions can be overcome and unity are possible “”

Today, Special Olympics has developed into a World Movement is giving 3 , 1 million people with intellectual disabilities in 185 countries, mainly through sports, enhance self-esteem, to discover their special abilities and how to become active and useful members of their communities.
I think it’s time we ourselves become messengers of the Olympic ideal and to pass on principles and worthy of all over the world so that one day we can look at the sun with open eyes and we are glad that everyone put a little bit in life by reading the look every athlete with intellectual disabilities from prejudice and taboo …
I hope XIII Special Olympics World Summer Games Athena 2011mas give something unique in our lives pass us our best smile and giving our hearts to each athlete with an intellectual disability.
Let us live these days out of the races was the best positive side of ourselves and let’s party.

Good Iuck !!!!!!



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