Maria Menounos: Let’s send these matches a message of hope to the Greeks

Bright and beautiful, the Greek origin of the American television presenter Maria Menounos gathered along with Stevie Wonder all the attention in the press conference for the Opening Ceremony of Special Olympics.

The Menounos said he knows how difficult the situation in Greece and that these Games can send a message of optimism and hope in the country where the sport. “I hope to fill the stage because it’s amazing feeling to be involved with these races.”

“It is a great opportunity and honor for me to sing for these individual athletes SpecialOlympics. After losing my mother had stopped singing for a while, but children of SpecialOlympics gave me the motivation to go “were the words of legendary music Stevie Wonder who participated in the interview for the opening ceremony of the games.

“Our athletes are the best in the world and deserve our applause,” said president Tim Sraiver World Federation and the Chairman of Special Olympics Hellas Ms Gianna Despotopoulou said the world is defined not by those who are excluded but those who participate.

“The family of Special Olympics is too big and tries to create an environment for human dignity. Thank you for coming from all over the world to applaud our athletes. I ask you all work together to deliver speeches in the slogan of the games: “I’m through.”

The tenor Marios Frangoulis said that he is proud to be Greek and the country hosting these Games. Thanked Phocas Evangelinos who designed the ceremony, where “every athlete is a Ulysses,” while tenor Vittorio Gkrigkolo also argued that “it is a unique opportunity to share and share love. We as artists need to draw out the spirit and the feelings we have inside us. The Greeks watching these athletes need to gain strength and to believe that there is a better future. ”

Finally, Vanessa Williams said she is proud that since 1992 belongs to the Special Olympics movement that emits a light in the world


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