Today the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics

Thousands of spectators expected to flood tonight PanathenaicStadium and millions of viewers worldwide will have the opportunity to enjoy the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.

The ceremony will bring together internationally renowned artists, including the legendary Stevie Wonder the music, the Italian tenor Vittorio Gkrigkolo, the American singer Vanessa Williams, tenor Marios Frangoulis The Alkistis Cantor and Stefanos Korkolis who has written the hymn of the ceremony.
And special presentations will make Maria Menounos and Chinese Zhang Ziyi ithpoios.
Top of the evening will be a parade of 10,000 athletes and members of missions from over 183 countries participating in the Games, attended by President of the Republic. Karolos Papoulias, who revolted against the Games begin, the Prime Minister, George Papandreou and plithos international celebrity.
“If we can celebrate and fight together, we can learn to live united,” said Tim Sraiver, chairman of the Special Olympics Movement in a press conference for tonight’s opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.
“The world is not defined by those who are excluded but those who fall,” said Gianna Despotopoulou president Organortikis Commission. Noted, and that the goal is to create an environment worthy of dignity.
“There may be missing from today’s ceremony. I write songs from my heart and it is an honor for me to be here in Athens for the Special Olympics”, said the legend of music, Stevie Wonder.
The press for significant contribution in disseminating the message thanked the Zhang Ziyi, Chinese actress.
“The Special Olympics came to their home,” said Loretta Kleimporn, athlete. He wanted to watch the athletes in the best of them all have the right to be a part not only of sport and the whole world

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