“The Dutch supporters make an impression”












The title of the best supporters could easily be awarded to the Dutch visitors at the World Special Olympic Games “Athens 2011”. During the handball game of their National team against Algeria they didn’t stop dancing on the tribunes. Supporters and athletes joined together, swept by the DJ’s music of the Macarena rhythm, leaving volunteers and staff impressed.

Despite the applause and the enthusiasm of the Dutch supporters the Netherlands were not able to achieve a win. Algeria won 9-6. Even though they had a 14 games experience, the Dutch athletes did not manage to win. “My team played a brilliant match; I’m very proud and really happy. I would like to add, they proved to everyone that they are capable of doing the best, even though they lost”, stated their coach Sandra Heijden.

Sandra also emphasized on the fact that new entries have recently joined her team and only Maria and Anemie took part in previous Olympic Games.

In fact right after the game, the supporters kept applauding and dancing, which proves their team spirit and sociability in all its greatness.


One Response to “The Dutch supporters make an impression”

  1. K. Mertokarijo says:

    Yes we did. Winning or losing; you have to make the best of it. And having fun is also very important. We have a great team indeed and they deserved our support.

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