Swimming: Results 4th day

Another very good day for the Greek team to win 5 swimming medals including two gold and three bronze. The start of a perfect and the first race came in first even gold medal.

Victoria Kalliontzi, 50 meters free women took first place. She said the mixed zone: “I am much pleased, since proetoimazomouna intensive three years to accomplish something good. And now that I got really happy. ”

In the eleventh series of the same sport, the Elizabeth and Stergiadis Efstathia Sarantis, given their own race and occupied respectively the fifth and sixth position. Elizabeth said: “I could have gone better, but eventually the effort counts.”

The Greek swimming even won a medal with Katerina Kapsimali.He won third place and looked delighted. In the same series of the Cypriot Eleni Christodoulou won first place in the country of bringing a medal. Finally in line 26, Vangelitsa Farantaki, a native of Chania, while the fourth said the obvious joy of the very good participation.

Moving again, George Vouzounerakis after yesterday’s medal, went back to vathrosta 100 Butterfly occupying the third position. In the mixed zone, said: “I was trying to swim fast and I could not, as something to keep. I started well but then I got tired, but it does not matter since my good style is free. ”

Finally Constantine Garofalakis ranked third at 25 meters in backstroke.


4 Responses to Swimming: Results 4th day

  1. Cole Bruton says:

    All I want are the swimming results, they are not on this page. How do I get them?

  2. Cole Bruton says:

    Already sent I am waiting for a responce

  3. Cole Bruton says:

    Cant you people understand a simple request, I merely want to view the swimming results for Australian swimmers for all days

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