Enjoy the Lighting Ceremony of the Flame of Faith, the Hope and Love of Pan-European Games Special Olympics 2010

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On Monday, September 6, 2010 in the morning was the church of Panagia Kosmosotiras to bring in a casual atmosphere and Byzantine, the Lighting Ceremony of the Flame of Faith, the Hope and Love of Pan-European Games Special Olympics to be held this year in Warsaw, Poland.


At 11 am in the world and full of specially arranged for the ceremony courtyard of the Church of Our Lady Kosmosotiras Feres was the ceremony for the lighting of the Special Olympics Flame of the attendance of dignitaries, lining up the torch relay and the arrival of the athletes of Special Olympics from Macedonia and Thrace. He became the recoil of the National Anthems of Poland and Greece, the band of 12 M / C Infantry Division, followed by greetings from local rulers. The Greek Government was represented by Deputy Minister for Education, Lifelong of learning and Religious Panaretos Mr. John, who said in a brief speech that the government supports and promotes such initiatives and reiterated that our country has undertaken the organization of Special Olympics in 2011. The ceremony was attended also members of the Greek and Polish Parliament and the Organizing Committee of the European Games Special Olympics 2010, ambassadors, representatives of academic, sporting and business environment, and athletes of Special Olympics Hellas from Northern Greece. Also, the Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland, Jerzy Miller, o Deputy Minister of Sport of Poland Gersi Stachourski

Then reason took Ms. Mary Davis, Director General of Special Olympics Europe-Eurasia, which said the joy and satisfaction at the ceremony for the lighting of the Flame and announced its decision is performed each time the ceremony for the lighting of the Flame in Feres and the Byzantine Church of Panagia Kosmosotiras .

He then took the floor, Mr. Bishop Anthimos that in his speech referred to the 31st Word of St. John Chrysostom speaks of the usefulness of body parts and people with disabilities. (You can read the speech of His Eminence. Metropolitan here).

Followed by the Ceremony of the Flame. The official call for entries went to the church of Virgin Mary where our Bishop dressed in cloak lit the flame from the Crypt, accompanied on hymns by the Byzantine Choir of the Diocese. The Bishop delivered the Flame of the athlete in Special Olympics, Mary Kottis, which accompanied the other teammate carrying the flame outside the church and lit the altar had been set up in part of the wall with the bell tower of the church.

The speech by the President of the Special Olympics of Greece Mr. Yiannis Despotopoulou, which expressed the joy and emotion for the excellent organization and thanked those who contributed to it. In return, the Mayor, Mr. George Feres Oustoglou declared Mr. Feron Despotopoulou Honorary Citizen of handing the keys to the Byzantine Vira. After the ceremony, the flame was handed to the Head of European torchbearers Police (Guardians of the Flame) Mr. Jacek Hachluski, who escorts the Directorate of Evros and members of the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Feres, first started as a runner with a Polish athlete Special Olympics Flame of the Torch Relay.

At night the flame arrived in the square of the Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis Alexandroupolis where the Mayor Mr. Georgios Alexandris declared Honorary Citizen of the City of Gianna Despotopoulou and the Metropolitan, Mr. Anthimos honored with the Medal of the Metropolis, which depicts St. Glykeria, Mr. Despotopoulou for its actions in this year’s ceremony for the lighting of the Flame and Mrs. Mary Davis of the decision of the permanent termination of Touch the Flame to the Byzantine church of Panagia Kosmosotiras.

The Flame Lighting Ceremony of the Special Olympics is a most important annual event in our region which attaches great value to our shows and the Byzantine Church of Panagia Kosmosotiras of Feres.

Arrival of the official

The entry of the athletes of Special Olympics.

The Metropolitan, Mr. Anthimos develop speech

Children's Special School of Alexandroupolis.

View of the courtyard and speak our Bishop.

Metropolitan us with Ms Despotopoulou the crypt of the Virgin Kosmosotiras.

The Bishop of our official in the Crypt of the Virgin Kosmosotiras.

The lighting of the flame in the Crypt of Kosmosotiras.

The tradition of the flame in the athlete Special Olympics.

The official and the gymnast with the flame.

Metropolitan us with the athlete.

Metropolitan us addresses the gymnast Mary Kottis.

Metropolitan us with gymnast Mary Kottis.

The start of the procession to leave the church.

The flame leaves the Church of Kosmosotiras.

The procession of the flame to the altar.

The procession with the background Kosmosotira.

The procession of the flame.

The tradition of lighting the flame on the altar.

The Flame of the athlete's hands Special Olympics.

The lighting of the altar.

Mayor Feres anakirrysei Honorary Citizen Ms Despotopoulou.

Speech Eminence. Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis in ceremony of the Special Olympics Flame 

SPEECH Metropolitan






‘The eye can not tell the hand,’ I have no need for ‘∙ head or his feet,’ not needed ‘”(I Corinthians 12, 21).

What’s eftelestero the legs or what is more necessary and polytimotero the head? ∙ man really is mainly the head. And head, however, is not self ∙ neither alone can do everything ∙ because if it were, would be useless to echome feet.

There are members of the body appears to be weaker, but it is less necessary. To members who value theory ligoteris honor, prosdidome highest and non webviewable members enjoy greater decorum.

Than for us is weak and little honored, necessary and worthy to enjoy greater.

You who have larger endowments, do not intervene to those who have smaller, not to hurt yourselves.

When those who have smaller gifts from you, apokoptontai the body, then the whole body is destroyed.

Because what else is the body, despite many members together? The body does not consist of one member but of many. So the Apostle Paul does not require simply not divided among the members, but be very sturdy connected.

Once you say that a State is ugly and inferior, but if he fails so, such as caring for other members, such as caring for yourself, but indifferently so as to be lower, then the damage goes to you.

Do not say, therefore, that such and such is random ∙ think being a member of that body constituting ∙ everything and as the eye, so as a member, makes the body is a body.

Wherever built body, no one is nothing more than the next.

Like you, who are bigger, they constitute the body, this one, which is smaller. After the inferiority of the need to build your body, so it must be equal to you in this beautiful contribution.

If it were not lower and upper member, but all were all eye or head ∙ That would be disastrous for the body? The same will happen again, if all members were inferior.

So then, the following shall be the same as above. This requires, if one member suffers, to all other empathize with him ∙ And if one member is honored, to enjoy with the rest.

Three things are needed here ∙ to not divide the members but to be completely united, to ensure equally each other and to regard everything that happens common.

It happens many times when you get a thorn in the heel, then the whole body hurts and mobilizes ∙ he bends his head, the eyes fix them and bend the back and abdomen and thighs pressed constrict and his hands and servants as a sequence of close and take out the Thorn with loving care. So if they falls short leg that there may be up, but it becomes less that lowers the head and thus enjoys the same price and care. Indeed leg lowers the head not as beneficial but as due. What is a eftelestero Because the heel? What is polytimotero the head? And yet, this member is close to that and move with all the other members.

Again, where the eyes suffer anything, all hurt and everything stalled. Can the disease be of the eye, but neither the marching feet, hands or the work, nor enjoy the normal ventricle.

When, crowned head, praised the complete man. When he speaks his mouth, laugh and rejoice, the eyes, though the price is the language and not the beauty of the eyes.

Again, when the buds are nice, the whole woman is beautiful. Just as the buds and enjoy shining, when he praised the straight nose and right neck.

In the same way the eyes in tears of tragedy and suffering of other members, even when they themselves remain unharmed.

Shines as your brother, shows your own beauty and beautify the entire body ∙ concerned as the prettiness does not stop only to itself, but also gives to you the opportunity to boast.

If, however, extinguished the glow of your brothers, then darkens the whole body in general and causes all members of disaster.

If he has your brother brilliant, keep the beauty of the whole body.

Because no one says that the eye of a woman is beautiful but says, how nice this one ∙ If you do not praise the eye, lauded the praises of is for the whole body ‘.1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With such and similar reasons, the Christian father of the Orthodox East were able to lead the children from Keadas the Special Olympics. These children, let us donate to us, the glow of the flame of faith, love and hope. We need the planet right now, more than ever before.

First official presentation of the official uniform for the ΧΙΙΙ Special Olympics World Games Athens 2011


Freestyle catwalk at the Golden Hall – First performance of their official uniforms for the Games

Tomorrow, Friday, May 13, 2011 at 19.00 will be made the official presentation of the uniforms of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011, the mall Golden Hall.

In the original freestyle catwalk will participate as “models” known actors, presenters, sportsmen, journalists accompanied by athletes Special Olympics. Sponsor’s Freestyle catwalk is Kiss 92,9 FM, which will broadcast live from the Golden Hall from 17.00 – 20.00. Presenter of the event is Christina not use.

7 + 1 different uniforms

For the first time in Greece uniforms global organization is no color variation, so as to be visible the class they represent.

Total number of uniforms: 30,000 and 600 (for the Greek team)


1. The vegetables are the main uniform of the World Games for the paid staff and 8,000 volunteers.
2. The orange outfit for paid staff and 3,000 volunteers in the field of sports.
3. The yellow livery for the paid staff and 2,000 volunteers in the transport sector.
4. The green outfit for paid staff and 2,500 volunteers in service operations viewers.
5. The blue outfit for paid staff and 1,000 volunteers – escorts gallery.
6. The purple outfit for the judges and referees (technical officials).
7. H red outfit for the paid staff and 3,500 volunteers who provide medical services.
8. Finally, the blue suit for the 486 Special Olympics athletes of the Greek mission, with the colors of the Greek flag.

The fleet consists of 1 pair (made shorts) 2 polo T-shirts, 1 hat, 1 windproof jacket and 1 bag waist.
The mission of Special Olympics Greek delegation includes 1 pair of trousers, T-1 polo shirt, 1 T shirt, 1 windproof jacket, 1 hat and 1 bag waist.

All uniforms are sponsored by Cosco.

The shoes of “models” in the catwalk courtesy of Converse.

The Olympic champion in Sydney and his team ensemble, Peace Aindili, was present!

The Olympic champion in Sydney and his team ensemble, Peace Aindili, was present!

Among them Natalia Dragoumis Costas Greco, the Orthoula and

Manta Papadakou, sisters Maggira, Michael Mouroutsos,

Despinaand George Kambouris Lampathakis.

The event is part of LAMDA DEVELOPMENT synergies of the Organizing Committee and Special Olympics ATHENS 2011.

Among other things, during the Special Olympics Games Athens 2011, from June 20 to July 4, 2011, the commercial centers of LAMDA Development, Golden Hall and The Mall Athens will go to various synergies such as:

 providing special discounts on purchases of accredited athletes, attendants, volunteers, Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011, the shops of two shopping centers
 providing special offers, discounts and special menus at restaurants and cafes of both trade
 hospitality kiosk-stand with official products of the World Games in the premises of the Golden Hall
 special service shuttle bus to the Golden Hall and from the Olympic Stadium

You are all invited to this celebration of sport, culture and humanity.

Tell you too, like the motto of the Games suggests, “I’m in!” And Join the Wonderful World of Winners!

– The Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011 will be held from June 25 to July 4, 2011. The Games will bring together over 7,000 athletes and 2,500 coaches from 180 countries, 3,000 judges / referees, 40,000 family members of athletes, 25,000 volunteers and the event will cover 3,000 journalists from around the world.

– For more information:

– Www.athens2011.org
– Www.facebook.com / SpecialOlympicsWorldGames
– Www.twitter.com/Athens_2011
– Www.youtube.com/Athens2011
– Www.ticketnet.gr
– Press: v.papasavva @ athens2011.org

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Summer Sports photo : Special Olympics Athenes 2007

The 2011 World Summer Games kick off in June. See a slideshow of great summer sports shots from Special Olympics worldwide

Link :http://www.specialolympics.org/slideshow_summer_sports.aspx

GERMANY World Games 2007 Special Photo : Shanhai/China

Link source Photo: http://www.specialolympics.de/fotogalerie/world_games_2007.html

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Photo Gallery of the involvement of the U.S. during the test events May 29-June 3

Link Photography: http://www.specialolympicsteamusa.org/


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