Greeks and Irish fight for the joy of participation

Good customer … proved to Holland for the national team handball at the World Games Special Olympics «Athens 2011». Athletes of Greece, after the yesterday’s victory, prevailed and today the “Oranie” with 13-4. Next opponent of the Greeks will be tomorrow, Algeria, and to qualify to the next phase will be to win with three goals difference. “The team is only four months together, but the path is upward and the good performance undeniable. This is the right guidance and proper organization. The athletes showed strength and militancy, “said national coach of Greece, Alexis Papageorgiou. Scorer became a team leader Costas Trygazis.”We all strive for victory but more importantly to go fine.”

In the stands, the atmosphere was amazing. Dutch and Greek fans applauded the teams and cheering each phase. At the end together apotheosis winners and losers as well in these races are all winners.

Καλός… πελάτης αποδείχθηκε η Ολλανδία για την εθνική ομάδα χάντμπολ, στους Παγκόσμιους Αγώνες SpecialOlympics «Αθήνα 2011»

Καλός… πελάτης αποδείχθηκε η Ολλανδία για την εθνική ομάδα χάντμπολ, στους Παγκόσμιους Αγώνες SpecialOlympics «Αθήνα 2011». Οι αθλητές της Ελλάδος, ύστερα από τη χθεσινή τους νίκη τους, επικράτησαν και σήμερα των «Οράνιε» με 13-4. Επόμενος αντίπαλος των Ελλήνων θα είναι αύριο η Αλγερία και για να προκριθούν στην επόμενη φάση θα πρέπει να νικήσουν με τρία γκολ διαφορά. «Η ομάδα είναι μόνο τέσσερις μήνες μαζί αλλά η πορεία τους είναι ανοδική και η καλή τους απόδοση αναμφισβήτητη. Αυτό οφείλεται στη σωστή καθοδήγηση και τη σωστή οργάνωση. Οι αθλητές έδειξαν δύναμη και αγωνιστικότητα», δήλωσε ο προπονητής της εθνικής Ελλάδος, Αλέξης Παπαγεωργίου. Πρώτος σκόρερ αναδείχθηκε ο αρχηγός της ομάδας, Κώστας Τρυγάζης. «Όλοι προσπαθούμε για τη νίκη αλλά πιο σημαντικό είναι το να περάσουμε ωραία».

Στις κερκίδες η ατμόσφαιρα ήταν εκπληκτική. Ολλανδοί και Έλληνες φίλαθλοι χειροκροτούσαν ασταμάτητα τις ομάδες και πανηγύριζαν κάθε φάση. Στο τέλος όλοι μαζί αποθέωσαν τους νικητές και τους ηττημένους καθώς σε αυτούς τους αγώνες όλοι είναι κερδισμένοι.

“The Dutch supporters make an impression”












The title of the best supporters could easily be awarded to the Dutch visitors at the World Special Olympic Games “Athens 2011”. During the handball game of their National team against Algeria they didn’t stop dancing on the tribunes. Supporters and athletes joined together, swept by the DJ’s music of the Macarena rhythm, leaving volunteers and staff impressed.

Despite the applause and the enthusiasm of the Dutch supporters the Netherlands were not able to achieve a win. Algeria won 9-6. Even though they had a 14 games experience, the Dutch athletes did not manage to win. “My team played a brilliant match; I’m very proud and really happy. I would like to add, they proved to everyone that they are capable of doing the best, even though they lost”, stated their coach Sandra Heijden.

Sandra also emphasized on the fact that new entries have recently joined her team and only Maria and Anemie took part in previous Olympic Games.

In fact right after the game, the supporters kept applauding and dancing, which proves their team spirit and sociability in all its greatness.

Information access Hellinikon Complex (HELC)

How access to sports facility
By car:
Poseidon Avenue-From: At the height of St. Cosmas and turn at the lights of the Olympic facilities, where the entry of Olympic Properties (center Fencing).
Vouliagmeni Avenue-From: Heading towards Glyfada, turn right onto Avenue Alimos and at the end of the road, turn left under the bridge – towards Greek – Glyfada. Then, after 1.5 kms, Agios Kosmas, turn left at the lights of the Olympic facilities (entrance exposure).
-From National Road Athens-Lamia: At the end of the highway, exit to
Glyfada, follow through towards Greek coast. Then your path is the same as that of Neptune Avenue.
-From airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”: Leaving the airport
and direction to follow the road to Athens Weight – Glyfada.Continue with Weights – Glyfada by Varis – Koropi and at the end of the road leading to the quay at the height of Vouliagmeni, where you turn right towards Glyfada – Greek. For about 5 km away your path is through Poseidon Avenue where you turn right at the traffic lights at the Olympic facilities of Agios Kosmas.
-From Attiki Odos: Select the output to the regional Hymettus where you end up at the end of Attiki Odos. Along local roads towards Vouliagmenis reach the junction with Avenue Alimos. Then your path is the same as the “From Vouliagmenis. 

In other transportation:

From Omonia Square:
Bus line A2-Academy Council (through Amfitheas Avenue), starting with University Street (Academy) and alight at the stop “St. second world” is located on Poseidon Avenue.
-Metro: Boarding Station “Omonia” (Line 2) to “St. Demetrius.Transferring to an end station “St. Dimitrios “and from there you board the bus: Line 27 x Ag Demetrios Greek-express and get off at stop located at Airport West Greek (in street Poseidon Avenue).From there, follow the path round the stadium is basketball and head to the Fencing Hall.
From the Constitution:
-Tram: line T5 ‘Plato’ Constitution-Swimming Glyfada bus stop “second Agios Kosmas, on Neptune Avenue, right at the height of the Fencing Hall.
From Piraeus
Bus: Line 96 x D. Piraeus Athens Airport starting from Karaiskaki Square (just outside of Metro Piraeus) and get off at stop ‘first Agios Kosmas’ located on Poseidon Avenue, right at the height of the Fencing Hall.
-Metro: Boarding Piraeus Station (line 1) and alight at the station “Faliro, from there by tram: line T3” Thucydides’ SEF – Swimming Glyfada where you disembark at “2nd St. Kosmas located onPoseidon Avenue, right at the height of the Fencing Hall.
From Glyfada-Voula:
Bus-line 96 x D-Piraeus Athens airport express, starting from the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and disembark at “first Agios Kosmas, on Neptune Avenue, right at the height of the Fencing Hall.
T3 tram-line “Thucydides’ Swimming Glyfada – S.E.F starting with” Swimming Glyfada and disembark at “2nd St. Kosmas located on Poseidon Avenue, right at the height of the Fencing Hall.
Bus Lines-A 1, B 1 Ano Glyfada – Athens, with a landing at “2nd St. Cosmas.
Bus-line 140 Glyfada-Polygon starting in Glyfada Square and alight at “2nd St. Kosmas
From Station “Larissa”:
-Metro: Boarding Station ‘Stadium. Larissa station (line 2) direction to “St. Dimitrios “and alighting at the station” Neos Kosmos “. From there, the tram boarding line T5 ‘Plato’ Constitution-Swimming Glyfada and get off at “2nd St. Cosmas’ on Neptune Avenue, right at the height.


HELC – Κλειστό Γυμναστήριο Αίθουσα-Ξιφασκία 1,2: Χάντμπολ – Μπάντμιντον – (Νέοι Αθλητές) / MATP, Γυμναστική – Ρυθμική Γυμναστική

The facilities were held during the Olympic Games, the sports of Basketball and Fencing (Arena & Hall events). The two buildings are linked by a “connecting building, which includes a large number of ancillary rooms and offices.

In the above areas have already successfully organized concerts, exhibitions and sporting events.

The two buildings are located in the western part of the Greek in an area 109.000t.m. By adapting and extending the great hall of Olympic Airways, an indoor stadium and a warm-up and service spaces athletes, government agents and representatives of alpine type, which was the Olympic Basketball Centre.

The basketball stadium has 7036 seats and the seating capacity to use the racing arena goes to 10,000 people. The payload on the pitch height is 19m and the arena of land stretching from 1.066tm to 1.784tm when telescopic stands are closed. On the ground floor is the warm-up of the site 1.000sqm and other complementary areas average size 250sqm.

In the top tier and overlooking the pitch, there are five appointed VIP rooms.

Also, by adjusting the small hall of Olympic Airways was established in Olympic Fencing Center, a facility with a useful open space 6.800tm and 16m height. This facility offers a utility room alternatively 1.200 sq.m. and smaller areas that can be used as office space, production, hosting and storage.

The two buildings are linked with syndetirio building that houses offices and ancillary areas.

In these facilities there is the possibility of parking from 700 to 5,000 seats.

In the Closed Room and Indoor Athletics Fencing Hall during the Athens 2011 Games will be used as follows:

The Covered Hall Athletics will be the events of Gymnastics – Rhythmic Gymnastics, the Fencing Hall Closed it made the events of Handball – Badminton and the organization of the program ” Young Athletes)/ MATP ” and for Syndetirio building will become a center of uniforms and Accreditation.


Olympic Indoor Hall


1. Events

Women’s Events 

  • Horse Jumping
  • Asymmetrical parallel bars
  • Balance Beam
  • Floor Exercises
  • Advanced Personal 
 (total sum 
 scoring in four 

Games Men 

  • Floor Exercises
  • Side Horse
  • Rings
  • Horse Jumping
  • Parallel bars
  • Horizontal bar
  • Advanced Personal 
 (total sum 
 scoring in six 

2. Instructions for Form

• The / The 
 entitled to declare 
 participation in a 
 more events 
 or in 
 Composite Individual. 
 (All the 
 events should be 
 is in 
 same level).

• The level 
 the athletes are 
• The level 
 the athletes are 
 free programs 
 (According to 
 the regulations of 
 the music).

— Gymnastics

1. Events

• Level 
 Advanced Individual
• Level 
 Advanced Individual
• Level 
 Rope Ball, 
 Ribbon Clubs, 
 Advanced Individual
• Level 
 Ball Clubs, 
 Advanced Individual

2. Instructions for Form

• Each athlete 
 entitled to declare 
 participation in 
 one or more
events or 
 in Advanced Individual 
 (All the 
 events should be 
the same level).
• The levels 
 athletes are required
• The level 
 the gymnasts perform 
 free programs. 
athletes have individual 
 choreography with music 
 selection of
 (according to 
 the regulations of 
 the music).

Fencing Hall Closed

1. Events


2. Instructions for participation

• Each athlete 
 may be involved 
 and the three 

3. Athletic Apparel 
• All the 
 athletes should be 
 have their own 
 badminton racket.
• The participants 
 is obliged to 
 struggling with the 
planned athletic clothing.
• The 
 color of clothing 
 is optional. 
 In double 
 and mixed in 
the players of the same 
 group should be 
 struggling with uniform 
• In 
 back of jersey 
 may be a 
 the name of 
 The letters of 
 should not be 
the larger 
 cm in height 
• Only 
 shoes with white 
 soles or shoes 
 not to leave 
signs permitted in 
 playing field.
• The wings 
 the race is 

4. Signs transmitters

• The league 
 conducted in accordance with 
 the official 
Regulations of 
 International Badminton Federation 
Game on 
 points in 
 each one).


1. Categories

• Men
• Women

2. Instructions for Form

• Maximum size 
• National 
 missions which are 
 involved with 
 more of a 
groups in sport should 
 to indicate different 
 Head Coach 
 for each 
 one of the 
 their teams.

3. Sports equipment

• The color 
’s jersey number 
 each athlete must 
 is a clear 
contrast with that of 
 the jersey.
• Each team 
 need to have 
 two sets of uniforms 
 A light colored 
 for the
Games where 
 appears as 
 and a dark 
their struggles 
 which appears as 
• The players 
 land each group 
 have to bear 
 similar between the 
• The goalkeeper 
 each group must 
 to bear shirt 
distinct different color from 
 that of teammates 
 and opponents of 
 between them.
• In 
 not allowed to 
 bear any object 
can be 
 is dangerous for 
 the same or 
 their opponents. 
 any kind 
 face mask or
• The 
 jersey numbers of 
 players can be 
 is from the 
 to the 
jersey number each player 
 is unique, 
 within the meaning 
 that with 
 the specific number 
 the specific 
 athlete will strive 
over ‘
 throughout the duration 
 the tournament.
• Goalkeeper 
 who fights as 
 golf player, 
 should be 
shirt bearing 
 similar to that 
 Playmate of the 
 (pale or 
 with jersey number 
 same with this 
 who had to 
 shirt the goalkeeper.
• The number 
 rear side of 
 shirt should be 
 is minimal 
 while in front 
• The leader 
 group may be 
 armband bearing width 
- about-
 million and color 
 clearly different from 
 that shirt.
• The name 
 the Program or 
 the athlete can 
 to be printed 
the rear side of 
 while the name 
 the program can 
be displayed and the 
 front side.

4. Points of Emphasis 
 Special Regulations

• Group the 
 which appears in 
 space race with 
 number of players 
lesser of seven 
 excluded from the 
• In games 
 be used 
 female ball 
 # 2, 
• Day 
 Rubber flooring 
 Taraflex ®.
• Duration 
 Half X 
 20 ‘
• Rating: 
 The phase of 
⇒ winner 
⇒ Draw 
 for each group
⇒ defeated 

—-Μotor Activity Training Program

The “MATP” program offers opportunities for everyone. It is a non-competitive program that aims to improve the physical abilities of the participants through circuit training.

The “MATP” program is designed for:

Persons with severe or profound disability

Persons who are unable to participate in Official Special Olympics sports, because of their physical and behavioral limitations

Purpose of the “MATP” Program is to help Athletes:

Improve in motor skills and functional ability

Improve physical condition

Provide more opportunities to perform sport activities

Enhance social adjustment through sport

Prepare athletes to integrate in the official training programs of Special Olympics

Basic information about the “MATP” program during the Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011:

The program is designed in such a way that athletes according to their age, ability level and gender, rotate through several stations by participating in a set of basic activities, such as mobility, dexterity, flexibility, striking, kicking etc

—-Young Athletes

The Young Athletes Program is a training program, which aims to integrate new, young persons in the world of sports and especially in the Special Olympics family.

The program is designed for kids:

with intellectual disabilities aged 2-7 years old

The objective of the Young Athletes program is to:

Improve the physical and social development of young children through play activities

Welcome new family members with intellectually disabled children in the Special Olympics movement

Raise awareness of children with intellectual disabilities

Prepare children to integrate in the official training programs of Special Olympics, when they reach the age of 8

Basic information about the “Young Athletes” program during the Special Olympics World Summer Games- ATHENS 2011:

Participants: 60 children with intellectual disabilities aged 2-7 years old from special schools and foundations of Attica

The program is designed in such a way that children, according to their age, ability level, and gender can pass through a series of activities including:

Coordination skills

Walking & running

Balance & jumping

Throwing & trapping




Special Olympics sport Handball

Special Olympics Team Handball is team handball where all competitors have a physical or mental disability.


Special Olympics team handball is one of the most popular of all the Special Olympics sports. It is played on a court slightly larger than the size of a basketball court and is often described as water polo on land. Special Olympics athletes demonstrate agility, flexibility, quickness, body control and strength. Goals are much more common in handball than in most other sports; usually, both teams score at least 20 goals each, and it is not uncommon to have a match end with both team scoring in the 30s. This was not true in the earliest days, when the scores were more akin to that of ice hockey, but as offensive play (in particular in terms of counterattacks after a failed attack from the other team) has improved, more and more goals have been scored after each match.
Goal of Special Olympics Team Handball
In team handball, the goal is to score more goals than the opposing team at the end of regulation time.
Rules of Special Olympics Team Handball
A standard match duration consists of two periods of 30 minutes each during which each team may call one time-out. In Special Olympics play, two extension periods of 5 minutes are played, and if they also end in a draw, another two 5 minute periods have to be played. If each of these ends in a tie after the extra time the winner is determined by an individual shootout from the 7-meter line, where each team is given five shots. The rules of the shootout are similar to soccer shootouts, where, if a winner is not found within the first ten shots, the players return to the shooting, until one team has missed and the other scored.

The game is quite fast and includes body contact as the defenders try to stop the attackers from approaching the goal. Only frontal contact by the defenders is allowed; when a defender stops an attacker with his or her arms instead of his or her torso, the play is stopped and restarted from the spot of the infraction or on the nine meter line, with the attacking team in possession.

History of Special Olympics Team Handball
Introduced in 1991 to the Special Olympics World Summer Games, team handball is played by 29,008 Special Olympic athletes around the world. In 2003, 145 athletes representing 14 programs competed in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Dublin, Ireland.
Special Olympics Team Handball Equipment

Special Olympics Team Handball Training

Special Olympics athletes demonstrate agility, flexibility, quickness, body control and strength. Special Olympics team handball offers individual skills competition to allow athletes to train and compete in basic team handball skills. The development of these key skills is necessary prior to advancing to team competition. These skills include target pass, 10-meter dribble and shoot.
Special Olympics Team Handball Terminology

Free Throw – a fresh start to offensive play without interference from the defense

Goal Throw – a throw-in from a goalkeeper to a teammate, restarting play after the goalkeeper or the opposition last touched the ball

Jump Shot – shot attempted while leaping

Pivot – an offensive player who plays largely around the six meter line





There is no coaching guide for this sport, but there are resources below and at right that can help you become a better overall coach. You can also download Handball rules

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